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Senior Sales Tax Exemption Task Force

Members of the Senior Sales Tax Exemption Task Force are: Chair Randy Wanamaker; Commission on Aging Members Lorilyn Swanson and Joe Sonneman; and General Public members Gregg Erickson and Brad Pierce.
Staff Liaison Finance Director Craig Duncan phone 586-5215



April 25, 2006 Part I of the Final Report to the Assembly (posted 4/27/2006)

Attachments to the Final Report

Minority Report by Dr. Joe Sonneman

Minority Report by Lorilyn Swanson (posted 5/1/2006)

The Assembly Finance Committee met to review this matter on Tuesday, May 9, 2006, at 5pm in the Assembly Chambers.  Every chair in the room was filled.  The committee voted 5 aye, 4 nay to keep the senior sales tax exemption in place as written in the CBJ Code.


History and Overview of the Senior Sales Tax Exemption Task Force:

The task force, appointed by the Mayor, was charged with deciding on agreed facts regarding present impacts and future projections for the existing senior sales tax exemption, developing a set of available options that involve the eventual elimination of the current exemption, researching the potential financial and social impacts of these options, to hold public hearings regarding the options, and to report its findings to the Assembly no later than April 30, 2006.


Documents posted previously to the Senior Exemption Task Force webpage:

DRAFT Senior Sales Tax Exemption Task Force Report to Assembly

4/20/2006: Chairman Wanamaker Cover Memo to the Task Force

4/20/2006: Change Recommendation Option One

4/20/2006: Change Recommendation Option Two

4/20/2006: Change Recommendation Option Three

3/29/2006: Notice of Public Hearings