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CBJ Fluoride Status Update:

At the December 11th Assembly meeting, the Assembly directed the City Manager to cease water fluoridation.  Fluoridation ceased on January 15, 2007.  Parents of young children may want to consult with their dentist about the need for fluoride to prevent tooth decay.


Click here for a letter from City Manager Rod Swope.

Click here for information from the Juneau Dental Society about fluoride and tooth decay.


Although fluoride was no longer be added to the city’s water supply as of January 15th, depending on where you live in relation to the variety of reservoirs located throughout the Borough, fluoride will remain in your drinking water for between a few days to possibly as long as several months after that. For example, areas near downtown and closer to the water sources—such as the Highlands and near Cope Park and the Governor’s Mansion—should be fluoride-free within days. At the other end of the spectrum, areas served by the million-gallon reservoir at Lena (including Randall Road and Cohen Drive) and some places in the Mendenhall Valley are unlikely to be completely fluoride-free for a few months. If you have questions regarding where your home sits in the City’s water distribution system, please call the CBJ Water Utility Division at 780-6888.

For information regarding fluoride from the American Dental Association regarding fluoride, click here.

Assembly review of water fluoridation:

October 28, 2006 retreat – minutes available here
Memo on Fluoridation prepared by Mayor Botelho, October 28, 2006 - MEMO
October 30, 2006 regular meeting – minutes available here
December 11, 2006 regular meeting – minutes available here 


CBJ Fluoride Study Commission

Members of the Fluoride Study Commission are: Chair William "Bart" Rozell, Jamie Bursell, Deborah Erickson, Ronald Hansen, Dr. Emily Kane, and Dr. Eric Paulsen

Purpose of the CBJ Fluoride Study Commission

The Commission was appointed by Mayor Bruce Botelho in June 2004 and was charged with the following tasks:

1. To research and evaluate the scientific literature regarding the use of fluoride in municipal drinking water.
2. To research and evaluate the process used by other municipalities in making decisions regarding fluoridation of municipal drinking water.
3. To perform a cost/benefit and risk analysis regarding the use of fluoride in municipal drinking water.
4. To make recommendations to the Mayor, City Manager, and Assembly, regarding the use of fluoride in CBJ drinking water.



Report of the Juneau Fluoride Study Commission & List of Exhibits

Exhibit A: Interim Report Of Fluoride Study Commission Including Appendices

Exhibit B: Report In Brief, Fluoride In Drinking Water

Exhibit C: Summaries Of Actions On Fluoridation In Other Jurisdictions

Exhibit D: List Of Selected Additional Documents On File With The City Clerk (Due to the large volume of documents in Exhibit D, they are not attached to final report but are available for review in the Municipal Clerk’s Office)

Exhibit E: Exhibits Accompanying Subcommittee Report In Favor Of Continued Fluoridation

Exhibit F: CDC Paper: Oral Health – Water Fluoridation – Safety

Exhibit G: Why EPA Headquarters Union Of Scientists Opposes Fluoridation

Exhibit H: Alaska Native Tribal Health Consortium Letter To Bart Rozell Supporting Fluoridation