Juneau Commission on Sustainability Fact Sheet

Title: Juneau Commission on Sustainability

Type of Board/Commission/Committee: Advisory

Affiliated Department: Community Development

Status: Active

Governing Legislation:
-Resolution 2755
-Date Created: July 09, 2007
-Sunset Date: N/A

To reference the general rules of procedure and informational booklet for all boards, please see the documents available on the General Board Information page.

Description: The Assembly created the Juneau Commission on Sustainability whose mission is to promote the economic, social, environmental, and governmental well-being of Juneau and all its inhabitants, now and in the future.

Membership: Section 2. Composition. The Commission shall be comprised of nine members appointed by the Assembly, plus one liaison from the Assembly and one from the Planning Commission. The liaisons shall not have the power to vote and shall not be counted in determining whether a quorum of the Commission is present. Commission membership shall reflect environmental, social, economic and governmental perspectives, unified by the common interest of sustainability. Commission members serving three year staggered terms at the time of adoption of this resolution shall serve out their terms.

Officers: Chair, Vice-Chair, Secretary

Quorum: 5

Term Limits: None

Annual Appointment Period (Annual Reports Due): June

Meetings: Regular Meetings held from 5:30-7p.m. the Second Wednesday of the Month and Worksessions held the Fourth Wendesday of the Month in the Downtown Library Large Conference Room.

Special Facts: The mission of the former Juneau Energy Advisory Committee was folded into the policy and purpose of the Juneau Commission on Sustainability and Resolution 2401am which created the Juneau Commission on Sustainability also repealed Resolution 2376 relating to the Juneau Energy Advisory Committee. Resolution 2401am provided for a sunset date of the commission effective July 9, 2010. Resolution 2528 repealed Resolution 2401am and removed the sunset date establishing the commission as one that has an indefinite duration. Additional Resolutions 2718 and then Resolution 2755 which repealed Resolution 2718 were subsequently adopted changing the number of members serving on the commission. For times and locations of subcommittee meetings, please see the CBJ Meeting Calendars online at http://www.juneau.org/calendar/index.php

Staff Contact: Tim Felstead - 586-0466 - Tim.Felstead@juneau.org

Website: http://www.juneau.org/sustainability/