Board of Education (School Board) Fact Sheet

Title: Board of Education (School Board)

Type of Board/Commission/Committee: Charter

Affiliated Department: School District

Status: Active

Governing Legislation:
-CBJ Charter Section 13
-Alaska Statutes Title 14
-(School) Board Policies, Regulations, and Bylaws
-Date Created: July 01, 1970
-Sunset Date: N/A

To reference the general rules of procedure and informational booklet for all boards, please see the documents available on the General Board Information page.

Description: The Board of Education for the Juneau School District is elected by the public as part of the City and Borough of Juneau election process. Section 13.4. Powers. The board shall have all powers and duties provided by Title XIV, Alaska Statutes, consistent with this Charter, including but not limited to the following: (a) Set the broad, general policy for the operation of public schools in the municipality; (b) Establish the educational policy including but not limited to approval of curriculum study guides, curriculum materials and textbooks; (c) Serve as a board of appeals for certificated education personnel appealing decisions of the superintendent; (d) Be responsible for the appointment, promotion, demotion, suspension, removal, compensation, and control of all school employees and administrators and hear and determine grievances related thereto. For these purposes, the board shall be controlled by and derive its powers, duties and guidelines from the following sources, which are listed in direct order of priorities should any inconsistencies arise in the provisions thereof: (1) The provisions of this Charter. (2) Title XIV, Alaska Statutes. (3) The provisions of the municipality's comprehensive personnel system plan, enacted pursuant to Section 3.14 of this Charter. (e) Meet at least once a month with meetings open to the public.

Membership: Section 13.2. Board of education. (a) The board of education shall be composed of seven members or such number required of home rule municipalities by law. (b) Board members shall be elected at large by the qualified voters of the municipality at regular municipal elections. (c) The term of office of board members shall begin immediately following certification of the election.

Officers: The Board elects one of its members as President, one as Vice President, and another as Clerk. Officers are elected by a majority of the voting members of the full Board. If more than two members are nominated for an office, and if no majority exists on the first ballot, a second ballot must be cast for the two candidates who received the greatest number of votes. Unless their office is vacated through voluntary resignation, removal from office under this bylaw, or removal from the Board under bylaw 0146(b), officers serve for one year and until their respective successors are elected and qualified. An officer who fails to perform one or more of the duties of his or her office may be removed from office by a two-thirds (2/3) vote of the voting members of the Board. The Board must fill a vacancy in any Board office within thirty days of the occurrence of the vacancy. A.S. 14.14.070

Quorum: 4

Term Limits: None.

Annual Appointment Period (Annual Reports Due): October

Meetings: Please see the School Board webpage (link below) for specific meeting information.

Special Facts: Other than the Assembly, the members of the Board of Education are the only elected officials in the City & Borough of Juneau. 2 - 3 seats on the Board of Education are voted on each year during the regular Municipal Election the first Tuesday in October. Postings of the information about open seats, filing for office, candidacy and other important election information are posted to the CBJ Election pages at in early summer of each year.

Staff Contact: Superintendent of Schools - 523-1702 -