Juneau Local Emergency Planning Committee (LEPC) Fact Sheet

Title: Juneau Local Emergency Planning Committee (LEPC)

Type of Board/Commission/Committee: Advisory

Affiliated Department: City Manager

Status: Active

Governing Legislation:
-Resolution 2689
-Alaska Statutes 26.23.071 & 26.23.073
-Resolution 2135 (Repealed by Res. 2689)
-Date Created: May 21, 1990
-Sunset Date: N/A

To reference the general rules of procedure and informational booklet for all boards, please see the documents available on the General Board Information page.

Description: Local Emergency Planning Committee. (Assembly nominations applicants and final appointments are done by the State Emergency Response Commission). Advises the fire chief on emergency management issues. Reviews the emergency response plan for the city and borough and keeps the plan up to date. Functions, when necessary, as the local emergency planning committee under SARA Title III.

Membership: Manager or Manager's designee + 11 voting members and 11 alternate members nominated by the Assembly and appointed by the Alaska State Emergency Response Commission.

Officers: Chair, Vice Chair, Secretary

Quorum: 6

Term Limits: None

Annual Appointment Period (Annual Reports Due): December

Meetings: 2nd Wednesday of each month at 12:00 Noon in the Bartlett Regional Hospital Administrative Board Room.

Special Facts: Applicants need to submit both a CBJ Board Application available online at http://www.juneau.org/clerk/boards/Application_Form.pdf and a State LEPC application form available online at http://www.juneau.org/clerk/boards/State_LEPC_Application_Form.pdf

Staff Contact: Tom Mattice, Emergency Program Manager - 586-0419 - Tom.Mattice@juneau.org

Website: http://www.ak-prepared.com/SERC/LEPC_Home