Juneau Public Libraries Endowment Board Fact Sheet

Title: Juneau Public Libraries Endowment Board

Type of Board/Commission/Committee: Advisory

Affiliated Department: Libraries

Status: Active

Governing Legislation:
-Resolution 1609
-Date Created: November 16, 1992
-Sunset Date: N/A

To reference the general rules of procedure and informational booklet for all boards, please see the documents available on the General Board Information page.

Description: [Resolution 1609] Section 2. Board Powers. (a) The Board shall advise the Director of Libraries regarding the Juneau Public Libraries Endowment Fund, which shall be composed of all gifts and donations over $2,000.00 made to the Juneau Public Libraries. Fund monies shall be maintained in a trust account managed by the City and Borough Treasurer for the purposes of augmenting the Juneau Public Libraries' budget and not supplanting normal operational funds. (b) The board shall make such recommendations regarding the fund as will preserve the principal, including the use of interest income to protect the value of the principal from devaluation due to inflation. The board shall determine annually whether and how much of the interest income is to be expended each year for the benefit of the libraries and to accomplish the goals of the donors to the fund.

Membership: [Resolution 1609] Section 1. Library Endowment Board Established. There is established a board of three persons, which shall be known as the Juneau Public Library Endowment Board. (a) The Assembly shall appoint members of the board to three-year terms. One member shall be the Director of the Juneau Public Libraries, one shall be a member of the Friends of the Library, and one shall be a member of the general public. ...

Officers: The Library Director serves as Chair of the Board.

Quorum: 3

Term Limits: No term limits - The term of the director shall be for as long as they hold that position with the library. The other members serve three year terms each.

Annual Appointment Period (Annual Reports Due): March

Meetings: The presence of all members shall be required for a quorum and any action of the board shall require two or more affirmative votes to be approved. The board shall meet annually in September of each year.

Special Facts: Resolution 1609 states that the Juneau Public Libraries received a generous bequest from Mrs. Verna Carrigan, a longtime Juneau resident, whose intent was that the bequest was to be used for certain enumerated library purposes. The resolution also states that CBJ honors Mrs. Carrigan's intentions and also established the board to carefully oversee not only the stewardship of Mrs. Carrigan's gift but the gifts of future library donors so that all donors to the Juneau Public Library may be assured that their gifts will be used for their intended purposes, and for the benefit of the library and the public.

Staff Contact: Robert Barr Library Director - 586-0443 - Robert_Barr@ci.juneau.ak.us

Website: http://www.juneau.org/library/endowment.php