City and Borough of Juneau
Assembly Finance Committee Meeting
May 30, 2002, 5 p.m., Chambers


I. Call to Order

II. Continuation of Pending Items and Marine Passenger Fee Allocation, if necessary

III. Social Service Advisory Board (SSAB) Block Grant recommendations
Enclosed in your packet is a list of the grant award recommendations from the SSAB after the second scoring done on May 11, 2002 at the request of the Finance Committee. The second scoring included grant applicants previously deemed non-responsive and added points for budgetary accuracy.

The funding currently budgeted for block grants is $472,500. This amount allows the first 14 grants to be fully funded and the 15th grant to be funded at 90.4% of their request ($45,200 of the $50,000 requested).

There is $150,000 one-time and $65,000 annual funding available in the Tobacco Excise Tax Fund that could be used for additional Social Service Block grant funding.

IV. Adjournment

ADA Accommodations Available Upon Request: Please contact the Clerk’s office 72 hours prior to any meeting so arrangements can be made to have a sign language interpreter present or an audiotape containing the Assembly’s agenda made available. The Clerk’s office telephone number is 586-5278, TDD 586-5351, e-mail: