Public Works and Facilities Committee Meeting

Monday - May 9, 2005 - 12:00 p.m.

Assembly Chambers


                                                 I.        CALL TO ORDER

                                                II.        APPROVAL OF MINUTES

                                                            A.        April 27, 2005 - Regular Meeting

                                               III.        PUBLIC PARTICIPATION

                                               IV.        ITEMS FOR ACTION

                                                            A.        Ordinance Amending the Panhandle Lot Provisions of Title 49

                                                V.        INFORMATION ITEMS

                                                            A.        West 9th St. LID

                                                            B.        Greenwood LID

                                                            C.        Seward Street

                                                            D.        CIP Discussion

                                               VI.        NON-AGENDA ITEMS

                                                            A.        Contracts Division Activity

                                              VII.        ADJOURNMENT