Public Works and Facilities Committee Meeting

Monday - May 8, 2006 - 12:00 p.m.

Assembly Chambers


                                        I.        CALL TO ORDER

                                       II.        APPROVAL OF MINUTES

                                                   A.        April 17, 2006 - Regular Meeting

                                      III.        PUBLIC PARTICIPATION

                                      IV.        ITEMS FOR ACTION

                                                   A.        FY07 Port Development Fund Project Funding

                                                   B.        FY07 Utility Rates Increase

                                                              1.        Charts (large file, takes a bit to download)

                                       V.        INFORMATION ITEMS

                                                   A.        Hazardous Routes to School

                                                               1.        Map

                                                   B.        Changes to Title 19 Building Codes

                                                               1.        Categories

                                                               2.        Ordinanace

                                                               3.        Standard CBJ Foundations

                                                   C.        FY07 CIP

                                      VI.        NON-AGENDA ITEMS

                                                   A.        Contracts Division Activity

                                     VII.        ADJOURNMENT