Public Works and Facilities Committee Meeting

Monday - April 11, 2005 - 12:00 p.m.

Assembly Chambers

                                           I.        CALL TO ORDER

                                          II.        APPROVAL OF MINUTES

                                         III.        PUBLIC PARTICIPATION

                                         IV.        ITEMS FOR ACTION

                                                      A.        Salmon Creek Pump Station Improvements CIP Closure (Transfer Ordinance)

                                                      B.        Harbors - Gangway

                                                      C.        Project Closeouts

                                                      D.        New High School - Proposed Project Budget - (redfolder item)

                                          V.        INFORMATION ITEMS

                                                      A.        John Street Water

                                                      B.        JNU Terminal Expansion Update

                                                      C.        Preliminary CIP Budget

                                                      D.        New High School - Conceptual Cost Estimate/Funding - (redfolder item)

                                         VI.        NON-AGENDA ITEMS

                                                      A.        Contracts Division Activity

                                        VII.        ADJOURNMENT