Office of the City Clerk

Joint Meeting – Lands Committee and Public Works & Facilities Committee
April 18, 2012, 12 – 1:30 pm, Assembly Chambers


I.   Call to order

II.   Public participation

III.   Information Items
      A. Summary of the CBJ Housing Needs Assessment Report

      B. Summary of CBJ Buildable Lands Study


      C. Summary of CIP projects to support residential development
Completed Projects
          • North Douglas Sewer
          • Industrial Blvd/Glacier Highway Sewer

Proposed Projects
          • Pederson Hill Municipal Land Development
          • Switzer Area Municipal Land Development
          The draft report will be finalized and posted prior to the next joint meeting
          • Kowee Creek Bridge/Utility Extension
          • Mendenhall Peninsula Sewer Process Recap

      D. Evaluation Criteria – Affordable housing land development areas/CIP projects
          • Ease/ability to permit
          • Potential for long term development with phasing
          • Estimated cost for road/sewer/water/power to the project area
          • Requires property acquisition
          • Level of impact to private land
          • Location: proximity to transit, retail/services, jobs, schools, recreation
          • Certainty that affordable housing will result

IV.   Discuss next meeting date

V.   Adjournment
Topics for the next agenda
          • Summary of residential development studies for the Pederson Hill, Switzer Creek and Thunder Mountain areas
          • Application of evaluation criteria to development areas/proposed CIP projects
          • Affordable Housing Commission recommendation for residential development of municipal property