Office of the City Clerk



Monday, July 27, 2009, 5 PM

Assembly Chambers

     I.  Call to Order


    II.  Agenda Changes


   III.  Approval of Minutes

           July 6, 2009 Lands Committee Meeting

   IV.  Public Participation - Non Agenda Items (10 minutes)


    VIII.  Information Items

            A.  Auke Lake Water Quality Report for 2008 - NOAA

            B.  SEAL Trust - Juneau In-Lieu Fee Projects Update

            C.  Lands and Resources CIP Projects

                      1. Pederson Hill Land Inventory and Planning

                                  a. Wetlands Mapping

                                  b. Surveying

                                  c. Soil Mapping

                                  d. University Contact

                      2.  Lemon Creek Gravel Pit Subdivision

                      3.  Lemon Creek Access

            D.  'Illegal Dumping' Signs

   IX.  Liaison Reports


     X.  Next Meeting - August 17, 2009, 5pm, Assembly Chambers


    XI.  Adjournment