Monday, June 16, 2008, 5 PM

Assembly Chambers


      I.  Call to Order

     II.  Agenda Changes

     III.  Approval of Minutes

 January 14, 2008 Lands Committee Meeting

 February 4, 2008 Lands Committee Meeting


     IV.  Public Participation-Non-Agenda Items (10 minutes)

     V.  Action Items

     A.  Mendenhall Valley Air Quality Program


           Exhibit 1: Air Quality Graph

           Exhibit 2: June 2, 2008 Letter from Alice Edwards, ADEC

           Exhibit 3: Draft Ordinance

           Exhibit 4: Home Heating Survey


     B.  Whale Sculpture Project

     C.  Final Revised Juneau Coastal Management Program


     VI.  Unfinished Business

     VII.  New Business

     VIII.  Information Items

     A.  Auke Lake Water Quality Report and Management Issues

                       * Status Report - 2007 Watercraft Usage and PAH Chemistry in Auke Lake

                by Adam Moles, Ph.D., NOAA

             * Exhibit F1-F4: Motorized Zone Use GPS Coordinates

                Taken from the November 14, 2007 Lands Assembly Meeting Auke Lake Discussion


     B.  Fish Creek Quarry OHV Park Update


     C.  Lands Management Plan Update

Liaison Reports

Next Meeting

July 7, 2008, 5 PM