Monday, March 20, 2006

Assembly Chambers


   I.   Call to Order

  II.   Agenda Changes

 III.   Approval of Minutes

            February 6, 2006

 IV.   Public Participation of Non-Agenda Items (10 minutes)

  V.   Action Items

        A.  Mendenhall Game Refuge

                  Larsen Memo

                  Responses from Community


        B.  Alaska Brewing Request to Purchase Land

                  Gilbertson Memo

                  Alaskan Brewing Memo

                  JEDC Memo

        C.  Driveway Easement for Pat Harris

                  Gilbertson Memo

        D.  Lemon Creek Commercial Area - 2nd Access

                  Healy Memo

        E.  Cultural Gateway

                  Watt Memo

        F.   Proposal to Eliminate Side Yard Setbacks in the Industrial Zone

                  Lyman Memo

        G.   Proposal to Permit Public Works Facilities in Various Zones Subject to Issuance of a Conditional Use


                   Lyman Memo

        H.   Amendments to the Parking Provisions

                   Lyman Memo

         I.   Adoption of Electronic Zoning and Overlay Maps

                   Maquire Memo & Attachments

                   Planning Commission Minutes of February 28, 2006


  VI.   New Business

 VII.   Information Items

         A.   Tlingit Haida Housing Authority Presentation on Juneau's Housing Problem

         B.   Appropriation Ordinance for Acquisition of Tee Harbor Boat Launch Property, Lena Point Property, and

               Armory Property from the Alaska Mental Health Trust

                    Gilbertson Memo

VIII.   Liaison Reports

  IX.   Ajournment