Tuesday, November 22, 2005  5PM

Assembly Chambers


   I.   Call to order

  II.    Agenda Changes

 III.    Approval of Minutes

         October 24, 2005

 IV.    Public Participation - Non-Agenda Items (10 minutes)

  V.    Action Items

         A.   Juneau Coastal Management Program

                      Camery Memo re: Juneau Coastal Management Program Revisions

                      LaRoche & Associates Memo  11-14-2005

                      Implementation Chapter

                      Issues & Policies Chapter

                      Addendum to the Juneau Wetlands Management Plan

                      Title 49 Coastal - Wetlands Management and Remote Subdivision Areas

 VI.    New Business

VII.    Information Items

         A.    Gold Creek Marina RFP

                      Stone Memo re: Gold Creek Marina 11-17-2005

                      Gold Creek Marina RFP DH06-021

         B.     Docks & Harbors Land Management Plan Status Report

                       Stone Memo re: Land Management Plan 11-18-2005

                       85.02.063 Land Management Plan

VIII.   Adjournment