Monday, October 10, 2005  5PM

Assembly Chambers


   I.    Call to Order

  II.    Agenda Changes

  III.    Approval of Minutes

             September 12, 2005

  IV.   Public Participation - Non-Agenda Items (10 minutes)

   V.   Action Items

            A.  West Valley Rezone

                   - CDD Staff Memo, Ordinance & Map - 10-7-2005

                   - CDD Staff Back-Up Information

                   - Zone Change Request Notice of Decisions - 8-26-2005

                   - Previous Planning Commission Minutes - 5-20-1997

                   - Public Comments

  VI.   Information Items

            A.   Mt. Roberts Firearms Ordinance

            B.   Title 49.40 Parking, Traffic and Access Amendment Status

 VII.   New Business

VIII.   Adjournment