Monday, November 22, 2004    5 PM
                                                               Municipal Building Assembly Chambers


I.       Call to Order  

II.      Agenda Changes

III.     Approval of Minutes  

         October 25, 2004


IV.     Public Participation - Non-Agenda Items (10 minutes)

V.      Action Items

         A.  Golf Course Lease

              - Golf Course Lease Memo 11-18-04

              - Questions Relating to Golf Course Development Memo 11-18-04

              - Resolution Serial No. 1811

              - Planning Commission Notice of Decision 4-9-03

              - State Final Consistency Determination

              - Totem Creek Golf Course Draft Lease Agreement

              - Totem Creek Golf Course Map - JPEG version


VI.      Information Items

          A.  Docks & Harbor's Board Update on DeHarts - Verbal Report

          B.  Eaglecrest Land Ownership Map

VII.     Non-Agenda Items

VIII.    Adjournment