The Assembly adopted Ordinance 2003-26 with amendments, regarding "Summary Approval" for changes in mining operations on June 9, 2003. 

The Assembly adopted Ordinance 2003-27 with amendments, regarding the "Urban/Rural" designation for mining operations on June 16, 2003.



Mining Ordinance Documents Received:

Chapter 49 Mining

Planning Commission Transmittal of Ordinance 2003-26

Draft Ordinance 2003-UR

Draft Ordinance 2003-18am

John Hartle/CBJ Law - Mining Ordinance Amendments and Reintroduction 5-19-03

CBJ Law Possible Mining Ordinance Amendment

CBJ Law Summary of Options for Amending CBJ Mining Ordinance

CDD Staff Mining Ordinance Proposed Revisions 5-15-03

2003-05-01Staff review of the individual recommendations made by Planning Commission

2003-04-28 Analysis of Proposed Amendments to the Borough Mining Ordinance by Peter Freer, CDD Planning Supervisor

2003 MO Draft 5 - Combined Allowable Use and Amendments (Adopted by Land's Committee on 4-7-03)

Mining Ordinance (TXT2003-00001) Split

Draft Mining Ordinance re Allowable Use  04-01-03

Draft Mining Ordinance re Summary Amendments  04-01-03

2003-02-10 Portion of Land's Minutes

2003-02-24 Portion of Land's Minutes

2003-03-03 Assembly Lands Committee Worksession

2003-03-10 Approved Land's Minutes

Simplified Amendment Process for Remote and Grandfathered Mines

Polls and Maps

Summary of Technical Studies for AJ Project

Article - State's Mining Reputation is Slipping 03-02-03

Mining Ordinance Review Summary - Wanamaker

Dybdahl Memo 02-26-03

Goad Memo 02-24-03

Heig Memo 02-24-03

Heig Memo 03-10-03

Heig Memo 04-05-03

Lobaugh Memo

Richins Memo 02-07-03

Richins Memo 02-10-03

Wanamaker Memo 02-26-03

Wanamaker Memo 02-27-03

Wanamaker Memo 03-07-03

Wanamaker Memo 03-10-03

Wanamaker Amend Table of Permissible Uses 3-24-03

Wanamaker Chart 3-24-03

Wanamaker List Federal State Permits, Approvals, Reviews Applicable to Mines in Rural Zone

Wanamaker Memo 04-22-03

B Baker Memo 03-19-03

B Baker Memo 03-24-03

B Baker Letter 04-05-03

M Waring Memo 03-26-03

M Waring Memo 04-07-03

Oelklaus Testimony Letter 03-24-03

D Chambers Comments 03-24-03

Wanamaker Memo of 03-27-03 re SEACC & Large Mine Permit

Wanamaker Memo of 03-26-03 re Mining Ordinance Review

Simplified Amendment Process for Remote & Grandfathered Mines Revised 03-27-03

Statement by Coeur Alaska Inc in Support of Proposed Amendments to CBJ Mining Ordinance 03-28-03

J Wilson Letter 04-01-03

Alaska Miners Association, Inc. Letter 03-31-03

E Twelker Letter 03-31-03

P. Walker Letter 03-31-03

Goldbelt Letter 04-02-03

C Kent email 04-03-03

Juneau Resource Alliance letter 04-03-03

L Ferguson Craig Letter 04-01-03

Sealaska Letter 04-02-03

L Spickler Letter 04-04-03

T Blanton Letter 04-04-03

L Dameron Email 04-06-03

P Voelckers Letter 04-05-03

A Kolter Email 04-06-03

R Stoops Letter 04-07-03

S Brown Letter on behalf of SEACC 04-17-03

D Clark Email 04-20-03

A Doll Email 04-20-93

J Josephson Email 04-20-03

A Munro Email 04-20-03

J Pursell Email 04-20-03

J Rehfedt Email 04-20-03

BJ Secrist Email 04-20-03

M Tobin Email 04-20-03

Empire Article - Mining Companies Seek Meaningless Reviews  04-20-03

S Campbell Email 04-21-03

ME Frank Email 04-21-03

J Kussart Email 04-21-03

D Cokeley Email 04-21-03

J Hudson Email 04-21-03

M Lindsey & S Carey Email 04-21-03

M Notar Letter 04-21-03

K Greenough Email 04-21-03

E Twelker Letter 04-21-03

J Levine Letter 04-22-03

J Wilson - Coastal Helicopters Letter 04-22-03

B Oelklaus Letter  04-22-03

D Goade Memo 04-22-03

T Camery Letter to Representative Fate  04-22-03

B Baker - Lynn Canal Conservation Letter  04-22-03

Article - Mining in Eastern Sierra: Mono County Mining Ordinance

Mono County Ordanance for Mining Operations

COEUR - Comparison of Agencies Permit Condition/Mitigation Requirements 04-22-03

L Spengler Email 04-27-03

B Baker Email 04-28-03

Central Council Tlingit & Haida Indian Tribes of Alaska Letter 04-28-03

D Chambers Letter 04-25-03 Center for Science in Public Participation

COEUR Supplemental Background Information Letter 05-01-03

COEUR responses to Planning Commission comments Letter 05-02-03

S Willson Email 05-03-03

D Anderson Memo 05-04-03

R Richins COEUR Memo 05-06-03

Kennecott Greens Creek Mining Letter 05-09-03

J Harmon Email 05-09-03

S Parker Email 05-10-03

J Pursell Email 05-11-03

COEUR Letter 05-07-03

J Corso Memorandum - Conflict of Interest, mining ordinance  05-12-03

D Hood Letter 05-05-03

R Robinson Letter 05-12-03

Chamber of Commerce Resolution 05-12-03

N Peimann Email 05-14-03

J Kussart Email 05-14-03

Empire Article - EPA Looks Askance At Kensington Mine's Plan 11-03-02

Anchorage Daily News Article - COEUR May File for Chapter 11  04-06-02

L Ferguson Craig Email 05-16-03

E Cuadra Email 5-18-03

M Hodges Email 5-19-03

COEUR Letter 05-19-03

T Waldo Letter 05-19-03

COEUR Letter 06-02-03

Kennecott Greens Creek Mining Letter 06-02-03

Sherman & Howard Final Report on Comprehensive Mining Ordinance

R Robinson Email 06-03-03

L Miller Letter 05-29-03

R Shattuck Email 06-16-03

A Munro Email 06-16-03

Shelter Island Neighborhood Association Letter 06-16-03