Office of the City Clerk

Monday, February 22, 2010; 5:15 p.m.
Municipal Building – Chambers


I. Call To Order


II. Agenda Changes


III. Public Participation on Non-Agenda Items


IV. Approval of Minutes

A. January 25, 2010 Human Resources Committee

V. New Business

A. CBJ Boards & Commissions

1. Juneau Human Rights Commission – Appointment

2. Juneau Human Rights Commission – Budget Request


B. Liquor Licenses 2010-2011 Renewals:

1. Club License #3313: Fraternal Order of the Eagles Aerie #4200 (premises location 2055 Jordan Ave. #1, Juneau)

2. Beverage Dispensary License #3695 Henry's Food & Spirits LLC d/b/a Henry's Food & Spirits (premises location 9109 Mendenhall Road #4B)

3. Beverage Dispensary License #728: JD Entertainment d/b/a The Island Pub (premises location 1102 2nd Street, Douglas)

4. Beverage Dispensary License #772: NYT Inc d/b/a Rendezvous (premises location 184 S. Franklin St.)

5. Beverage Dispensary License #673: Peterson Pacific Holding Inc. d/b/a Louie's Douglas Inn (premises location 915 3rd Street, Douglas)

6. Beverage Dispensary/Tourism License #1378 Alaskan Hotel & Bar Inc. d/b/a Alaskan Bar (premises location 167 S. Franklin St.)

7. Package Store License #271 Alaska Cache Liquor Inc. d/b/a Alaska Cache Liquor (premises location 156 S. Franklin St.)

8. Package Store License #2066 Fred Meyer Stores Inc. d/b/a Fred Meyer #158 (premises location 8181 Glacier Hwy.)

9. Restaurant/Eating Place License #851 Rodfather's LLC d/b/a The Broiler (premises location Nugget Mall)

10. License #1416: Taku Glacier Lodge Inc. d/b/a Taku Glacier Flightseeing/Salmon Bake (premises location Taku River)

11. Beverage Dispensary License #4349: Senate Partnership Inc. d/b/a The Penthouse (premises location 434 3rd Street, Juneau)Restaurant/Eating Place

VI. Unfinished Business

A. Alcohol Beverage Control Director’s Feb. 9, 2010 letter of response re: Beverage Dispensary Tourism License #175 Breakwater Inn

VII. Other Business


VIII. Adjournment


The meeting of the Full Assembly sitting as the Human Resources Committee for Docks & Harbors Board applicant consideration will be held at 6pm in the City Hall Conference Room #224.