Office of the City Clerk

Monday, August 20, 2007; 6:00 p.m.
Municipal Building - Chambers

I. Call To Order

II. Agenda Changes

III. Public Participation on Non-Agenda Items

IV. Approval of Minutes

     A. August 6, 2007 Human Resources Committee

V. Action Items

     A. Boards & Commissions
          1. Americans with Disabilities Act Committee – Appointment

          2. Historic Resources Advisory Committee – Appointment

          3. Juneau Public Library Endowment Board – Appointment

            Chairman Wanamaker's Report of 8/6/2007 & Other Documents regarding the
            following three committees:

          4. Juneau Fisheries Development Committee – Resolution 2418
              A Resolution Reestablishing the Fisheries Development Committee, and
              Repealing Resolution 1399.

          5. Juneau Human Rights Commission – Resolution 2419
               A Resolution Dissolving the CBJ Human Rights Commission, and Repealing
               Resolution 2209.

          6. Juneau International Relations Advisory Committee – Resolution 2420
              A Resolution Dissolving the CBJ International Relations Advisory Committee,
              and Repealing Resolution 1986.

     B. Liquor License
          1. Liquor License Transfer
              Beverage Dispensary License #772
              Transfer From: Rendezvous Inc. Transfer To: NYT Inc.
              d/b/a Rendezvous Lounge
              Physical Location: 184 S. Franklin Street

VI. Informational Items

VII. Other Items

VIII. Adjournment