Office of the City Clerk

Monday, March 13, 2006 - 5:30pm
Municipal Building - Assembly Chambers

I. Call to Order

II. Agenda Changes

III. Work session with Fisheries Development Committee

IV. Convene Regular Human Resources Committee (6pm)

V. Public Participation on Non-Agenda Items

VI. Approval of Minutes

A. Regular Meeting February 13, 2006

VII. Action Items

A. Appointments to Boards/Commissions/Committees
1. Wetlands Review Board

B. Liquor Licenses        Status Spreadsheet
Recommendation to Waive Protest
Staff recommends the Assembly waive its right to protest the following licenses:

Beverage Dispensary Licenses
1. Henry's Food & Spirits #3695, Location: 9109 Mendenhall Rd #4B
2. JD Entertainment Inc. d/b/a The Island Pub #728, 1102 2nd Street Douglas
3. Peterson Pacific Holding Inc. d/b/a Louie’s Douglas Inn #673, 915 3rd Street, Douglas
4. Sea Dawgs Inc. d/b/a Docwaters #4370, #2 Marine Way, Suite 125
5. Senate Partnership Inc. d/b/a The Penthouse #4349, 434 3rd Street, Juneau

Brewery License
6. Alaskan Brewing LLC, d/b/a Alaska Brewing Co. #2534, 5429 Shaune Drive

Club Licenses
7. Fraternal Order of the Eagles #4200, License #3313, 2055 Jordan Avenue #1

Package Store Licenses
8. Fred Meyer Stores Inc. d/b/a Fred Meyer #158, License #2066, 8181 Glacier Hwy
9. Mark’n Pak Inc. d/b/a Budget Liquor #1578, 8363 Old Dairy Road
10. No Creek Jack d/b/a Duck Creek Market #2976, 9951 Stephen Richards Drive
11. Oaken Keg Spirit Shops Inc. d/b/a Oaken Keg Spirit Shops#1820, License #3507, 3011 Vintage Blvd.
12. Thibodeau’s Market Inc. d/b/a Home Liquor #521, 465 W Willoughby Avenue
13. Thibodeau’s Market Inc. d/b/a Kenny's Liquor Market #661, 619 Willoughby Avenue
14. Thibodeau’s Market Inc. d/b/a Liquor Barrel #1129, 5234 Glacier Hwy.
15. Thibodeau’s Market Inc. d/b/a Thibodeau’s Valley Liquor #4422, 9106 Mendenhall Mall Road

Restaurant/Eating Place Public Convenience License
16. Clay Kent & Cisco Ramos d/b/a Douglas Café #3643, 916 3rd Street, Douglas

Restaurant/Eating Place Licenses
17. Fernando’s #3673, 116 N. Franklin Street
18. Olivia’s De Mexico #848, 222 Seward Street
19. Rodfather’s LLC d/b/a The Broiler #851, Nugget Mall
20. Seong S. Kim d/b/a Seong's Sushi Bar & Chinese Takeout #4192, 740 W 9th St.

Recommendations For Protest Or Conditions Be Imposed:
The Fire, Finance, Police, and Community Development (CDD) Departments have reviewed the following liquor license renewals and transfer and recommend the Assembly protest or place conditions upon these licenses for the reasons stated in the letters found in your packets which were sent to each of the licensees. The departments recommending protest or conditions are identified in brackets following each license listed below:

Beverage Dispensary Licenses
21. Imperial Bar #550, 241 Front Street [CDD]
Transfer of license FROM: Alaska Bowl Inc. d/b/a Channel Bowl
TO: Fervid Enterprises LLC (no premises yet) [Finance]

Restaurant/Eating Place Licenses
22. Karma Café Inc. d/b/a Fiddlehead Restaurant & Bakery #3983, 429 Willoughby Ave. [CDD]
23. Taku Glacier Flightseeing/Salmon Bake #1416, Taku River [conditions by CDD]
24. Nikolaos Manalakakis d/b/a Pizza Verona #2812, 256 S. Franklin; [conditions by Fire & CDD]

VIII. Informational Items

A. Historic Resources Advisory Committee Annual Report

IX. Other Business

X. Adjournment

Next Meeting: Monday, April 3, 2006; 6pm, Assembly Chambers