City and Borough of Juneau
Assembly Finance Committee Meeting
Wednesday, May 8, 2013, 5:30 p.m.
Assembly Chambers


I. Call to Order

II. Roll Call

III. Approval of Minutes

May 1, 2013


Joy Lyons, AYEC Executive Director, will provide an update on the HEARTS program. CBJ provided $95,000 in grant funding to AYEC for the HEARTS program in FY13 and this same amount is currently in the FY14 Revised Budget.

The packet includes the full presentation as well as a summarized version.

V. Youth Activities Board Grant Awards

The Youth Activities Board is tasked with allocating $332,500 ($350,000 less a 5% contingency) to various youth-oriented organizations. The packet includes a memo from John White, YAB Chair, that describes there grant award process and a schedule of the grants awarded.

The AFC must take action to approve the YAB grant award recommendations.

VI. Bartlett Regional Hospital (BRH) Board Presentation

The packet includes the BRH presentation.

VII. Debt Service Review

The packet includes the FY14 Debt Service Budget.

The following items will be presented at the AFC meeting.
A. GO Debt Service Funding Sources – graph
B. Debt Service Mill Rate Needed to Meet Bond Obligations - graph

VIII. School District Funding

The school district budget, ordinance 2013-10, was introduced April 3, had a public hearing April 22 (and was referred back to finance committee for further review). The ordinance contained CBJ funding (within the CAP) of $24.1 million and funding outside the CAP of $770,000.

On April 22 the Assembly made a motion to set the minimum funding CBJ would provide under the CAP at $24.1 million (which is the maximum allowed under the state CAP).

One of the following actions needs to be taken:
• Recommend amending the ordinance to remove the funding outside the CAP, and place it on the pending list, and then recommend the amended ordinance back to the full assembly for final consideration at their May 13 regular meeting.
• Recommend the original ordinance back to the full assembly for final consideration at the May 13 Assembly meeting.

IX. Information Items

A. Pending Items
B. Open FY14 Budget Items
C. Assembly Finance Committee Meeting Schedule – updated 04/25/2013

X. Adjournment