City and Borough of Juneau
Assembly Finance Committee Meeting
Wednesday, May 18, 2011
5:30 p.m., Assembly Chambers

I. Call to Order

II. Roll Call

III. Approval of Minutes
      April 27, 2011 (p. 3)

IV. Bonded Indebtedness (pp. 4 - 5)
This item was deferred from the April 27, 2011 AFC meeting.

Craig Duncan, Finance Director, will give a short presentation on the CBJ’s debt and debt capacity. A copy of the presentation is included in the packet.

V. Pending Items (pp. 6 - 17)
The packet includes the list of pending items (p. 6) identified by the Finance Committee during their review of the FY12 Budget. The total amount of items on the pending list is $839,050, of which $684,500 is already included in the FY12 Budget.

The items making up the $684,500 are:

1. $434,500 for the Alaska Committee. This amount would be funded from the $500,000 Better Capital City funds.

2. $250,000 in core funding for JEDC. Included in the Mayor and Assembly’s budget.

The remaining requests ($154,050) not included in the FY12 budget are:

a. Juneau Economic Development Council (JEDC): $125,000 as additional core funding. Included in your packet is information from JEDC describing how the $125,000 additional request would be used if approved (pp. 7-11).

b. Juneau Human Rights Commission (JHRC): $4,550 for their Fall main speaker event ($2,250), coalition activities ($1,000) and ongoing and miscellaneous Commission expenses including their “I Am Juneau” series ($1,000). Included in the packet is both a memo and projected budget for the JHRC which provides further detail on the JHRC request. (pp. 12-16).

c. Juneau Afterschool Coalition: $25,000 for partial funding of full-time position to coordinate and evaluate after school programs focused on middle school students. Included in the packet is a memo from Kevin Ritchie, Juneau Aftershool Coalition member, which provides further detail on the program (p. 17).

VI. Committee Decisions and Recommendations to the Assembly

Prior to moving the FY12 appropriating ordinances back to the Assembly for action, staff is recommending several additional FY12 budget adjustments. These are adjustments or corrections that came about after the budget was submitted to the Assembly on April 6. These additional adjustments include-

• Increases in estimate fuel costs-



o General Government



o Capital Transit



o Enterprise and Internal Service


• Property Tax Revenues (best estimate)


• State Shared Revenue Increase


• Staffing Correction and Reduction


These changes, combined with the School District’s FY12 support reduction, have allowed us to reduce our use of the Sales Tax Budget Reserve. The FY12 budget includes no Sales Tax Budget Reserve funding and the FY11 budget amount can be reduced to $750,000. While we are financially better than originally projected, it is important to note that we still need $750,000 in savings from the Sales Tax Budget Reserve to balance the FY11/FY12 biennial budget and we are still projecting a large FY13/FY14 deficit.

Small adjustments in the Mill Levy Ordinance have been made between the Roaded Service Area and the Fire Service Area. The total recommended mill levy has not changed.

If the Finance Committee is ok with the budget as amended and wishes to move it back to the Assembly for action, then motions should be made on the following –

a. CBJ General Operating Budget
b. School Budget Operating Budget
c. Mill Levies

VII. Adjournment