City and Borough of Juneau
Assembly Finance Committee Meeting
Wednesday, April 7, 2010 - 5:30 p.m.
Assembly Chambers

I. Call to Order

II. Roll Call

III. Approval of Minutes

February 3, 2010 (p. 3)

IV. FY11 and FY12 Biennial Budget Overview

The City Manager will provide a brief overview of the budget balancing measures taken for the FY11 and FY12 biennial budget.

V. Expenditures and Revenues

Staff will present a brief overview of financial changes from the information presented a previous Finance Committee meeting.

VI. School District Budget Presentation (pp. 4 – 28)

JSD submitted their FY11 funding request Budget to CBJ on March 31, 2010 and is included in your packet.

The table below shows the City’s current (FY10) funding provided to the JSD and the requests for FY11 and FY12:



FY11 Requested



Operations-Funding to CAP




Community Schools




Student Activities – 1% Sales Tax




Student Activities




Transport Homeless Students




Activity Buses








The School District has provided additional information, which includes a summary of their funding request, sources of new revenue to the JSD and information on pupil enrollment.

State law requires the City to furnish the school board with a statement of the amount to be made available from local sources within 30 days of receipt of the School District budget. This action is scheduled for April 26, 2010. By Charter, the City must appropriate the amount to be made available from local sources by May 31. The AFC has the option of adopting the School District budget as introduced at the April 26, 2010 regular Assembly Meeting. Any additional funding approved by the AFC after this date would be added to the School District’s budget at the time the CBJ operating budget is adopted. If the School District’s budget is not adopted on April 26th, the budget could be adopted at the Regular Assembly Meeting scheduled for May 17, 2010 when the CBJ operating budget, mill levy ordinance and capital project resolution are scheduled for adoption.

VII. Marine Passenger Fees (pp. 29 – 34)

In 1999, City and Borough of Juneau voters passed Proposition 1, assigning a tax of $5 per cruise ship passenger to assist in funding projects that enhance the tourism experience and offset community impacts created by the cruise ship industry. Federal law requires that any project funded with these fees must address both the “safety and accessibility” of cruise ship passengers. In 2008, the Assembly amended the ordinance to provide for the solicitation to be issued by posting on the CBJ website and disestablished the Passenger Fee Proceeds Committee.

The solicitation deadline for the FY11 budget year was December 31, 2009. The City Manager posted his Passenger Fee Recommendations Memo dated January 15, 2010 to the CBJ homepage seeking public comment. The comment period closed February 15, 2010 and no public comments were received. Mr. Swope prepared a final Passenger Fee Recommendation List dated March 1, 2010, which is included in your packet.

Mr. Swope will present his recommendations to the AFC for discussion and approval.

VIII. Adjournment