City and Borough of Juneau

Assembly Finance Committee Meeting

Friday, May 16, 2008

Immediately follows a 3:00 p.m. Special Assembly Meeting
Assembly Chambers


I.       Call to Order

II.      Roll Call

III.     Approval of Minutes

May 10, 2008

IV.     Alaska Committee

Win Gruening, Alaska Committee Chair, will present a summary of FY08 activities and FY09 projections. Additional information will be available at the meeting.


V.      Marine Passenger Fee Recommendations

At the May 1, 2008 AFC meeting, the committee was presented with the Manager’s recommendations plus additional requests from the cruise ship industry, Airport and Docks and Harbors.  Included in your packet are the Manager’s recommendations and a list of the additional requests.


VI.     Energy Cost Impacts

A summary of the impact due to increases in electrical, fuel oil, gas and diesel costs for FY08, FY09 and FY10 is included in your packet.


VII.   Pending Items

a. Manager Recommended Items: The list is included in your packet.

b. Additional Funding Requests: The list is included in your packet along with letters of support for some of the items on the list.


At the May 10, 2008 meeting, staff was directed to provide additional information regarding the selection process and change in vendor choice for the core financial system. 


Mike Silverman, Co-CEO of Pacific Technologies, Inc, the consulting firm hired by the CBJ to assist in the selection process, has provided a letter (included in the packet) describing the events and decision process up to this point.


Alex Kaplan, Lawson Professional Services Delivery Director, has provided a letter stating their commitment to integrate Lawson with PG Govern.


IX.     Information Items

a. The debt mill levy will decrease 0.01 mills, from 1.22 to 1.21, due to the Assessor’s adjustment of assessed values.  The operational mill levy is 9.26 and the total mill levy will be 10.47 mills.  Debt service graphs will be available at the meeting.

b.The FY09 City and Borough Budget is scheduled for adoption at the June 2, 2008 Regular Assembly Meeting.

X.      Adjournment