City and Borough of Juneau

Assembly Finance Committee Meeting

Saturday, May 10, 2008

9:00 a.m.  Assembly Chambers


I.      Call to Order

II.     Roll Call

III.   Approval of Minutes

IV.   Juneau Convention and Visitors Bureau (JCVB) (pp.7-8)

JCVB is budgeted to receive $648,600 for FY09 and $668,100 for FY10 in hotel tax revenues to support visitor services.  In addition, JCVB receives $123,800 each year from Centennial Hall to market Centennial Hall.


Lorene Palmer, President/CEO of JCVB, will present information on JCVB’s current and future operations.   Included in you packet is a memo from Ms. Palmer and JCVB’s FY09 Proposed budget.

V.    Juneau Economic Development Council (JEDC)

The FY09 and FY10 Proposed Budgets include $200,000 for each year as funding for JEDC.  This amount is unchanged from FY08.  Brian Holst, JEDC Executive Director, will present information on JEDC’s FY08 activity and plans for the future.


Margaret O’Neal will provide an update on the $500,000 energy loan program.

VI.   Juneau Small Business Development Center (JSBDC) (pp. 9-19)

The JSBDC has requested $50,000 from the CBJ for FY09.  The CBJ funded the JSBDC at $25,000 ($50,000 requested) in FY08 and FY07.  There is currently nothing budgeted in FY09.  Included in your packet is information on how JSBDC leveraged the $25,000 and more information on how an additional $25,000 would benefit their operation and ability to assist small businesses.


Also included in the packet are letters of support for the JSBDC.


VII.  Juneau Festival Committee (p. 20)

The FY09 and FY10 request is $33,000, $3,000 more than FY08, to partially cover the increased cost of fireworks.  The proposed budget, part of the Mayor and Assembly’s budget, is currently at $30,000.  Included in your packet is the request from the Juneau Festival Committee.


VIII. Douglas Fourth of July Committee

The FY09 and FY10 request for funding, $3,500, is unchanged from FY08

IX.    Juneau Arts and Humanities Council (JAHC) (pp. 21-32)

The FY09 request is $175,800.  This is a $6,300 increase over the FY08 grant amount and that is currently budgeted for FY09 and 10.  The increase would allow JAHC to fully fund the FY09 grant requests received from community arts organizations of $100,800.  The amount of funding to support JAHC operations would remain at $63,000 plus $12,000 for special grants and projects.


Included in your packet is information on JAHC activities, a list of grant requests, policies for the Juneau Arts and Culture Center, regranting selection and procedures and a list of the 2008 Board of Directors.


X.     Social Services Advisory Board (SSAB) (p. 33)

The SSAB evaluates grant applications on a biennial cycle that matches CBJ’s budget cycle. Included in your packet is the list of recommended block grant awards up to the current funding level of $600,000, with the additional programs that would be funded if the SSAB were awarded the additional $90,000 they have requested.


There is $600,000 in the FY09 and FY10 Proposed Budgets for SSAB Block Grant funding.  Beginning in FY09, the SSAB will distribute the utility (water and sewer) grants that had previously been funded out of the Water and Wastewater Utilities. The funding proposed for FY09 is $28,100, which is based on grants historically given to AWARE, the Glory Hole and St Vincent DePaul’s.  The amount proposed for FY10 is $50,000 in anticipation of an increase in requests from non-profit organizations (501c3) that provide overnight accommodations. 


XI.    Youth Activities Board (YAB) (pp. 34-36)

The Youth Activity Board (YAB) is tasked with allocating $250,000 of sales tax funds among various non-profit community groups that serve youth.


This year, the YAB reviewed 24 proposals totaling $430,982 in requests and is recommending some funding for all 23 programs. In FY08, the YAB reviewed 26 proposals totaling $447,493 and funded all 26 programs to some degree.


Included in the packet is the list of Board recommendations for FY09 for the $237,500 funding and, should the Finance Committee award an additional $100,000 to the Youth Activity Board, the $337,000 funding level.


XII.    Safe Graduation Party Funding

$3,000, in the Mayor and Assembly’s Hospitality budget, has been allocated for the JDHS Safe Graduation Party.


XIII.   Lobbyist Funding

The CBJ’s Washington DC lobbyist has requested a $10,000 increase in the contract for services.

XIV.   Community Funding Requests

a. Blue Line Club/JDHS Hockey Team (p. 37)

The Blue Line Club is requesting continued free ice time to allow for practice and game for the JDHS hockey team.  In FY08, $16,700 of free ice time was provided.  JDHS hockey paid $725.  The AFC indicated they wanted to review this item after a year’s worth of activity.  A representative from the Blue Line Club will be present.

b. Capital City Celebrations (pp. 38-39)

Capital City Celebrations has presented a $50,000 request to support their activities to celebrate the 50th anniversary of Alaska’s statehood.  Included in your packet is a letter from Capital City Celebrates outlining their request.  A representative from the committee will be present.

c. Juneau Christian Center - HUB Construction (pp. 40-42):

In December 2007, the JCC requested $50,000 to assist in construction costs for the HUB teen center located at the Juneau Christian Center.  The AFC directed the JCC to present their request to both the SSAB and the YAB.  The JCC missed the deadline for submission to the SSAB and has been granted $5,000 of a $60,000 request to the YAB for after-school programs.  The JCC has provided additional information, which is included in your packet, supporting their original grant request. A representative from the JCC will be present.


XV.    PRISM Update

          Kim Kiefer will provide an update on the status of the PRISM project.


XVI.   Information Items

a. Pending Items List (p.43)

b. AFC Meeting Schedule (pp. 44-45)

XVII.  Adjournment