City and Borough of Juneau

Assembly Finance Committee Meeting

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Immediately following the Special Assembly Meeting at 5:00 p.m., Assembly Chambers




I.     Call to Order

II.    Roll Call

III.  Approval of Minutes

IV. Discussion of Assembly Actions Regarding Increased Energy Costs (as shown on revised agenda)

The Finance Committee will review a number of recommendations and specific financial proposals to assist CBJ and its citizens with the energy emergency.  The Finance Committee recommendations will be forwarded to the Assembly for adoption at a Special Assembly meeting scheduled for next Monday at noon.


IV.  V.  League of Women Voters Budget Survey

Hetty Barthel will present the results of the 2008 League of Women Voters Budget Survey, a copy of which can be found at  Ms. Barthel will have bound copies for the AFC members at the meeting.


V.   VI.  Juneau Police Department

Greg Browning, Police Chief, will provide an overview of JPD operations and issues facing the Juneau Police Department.  A copy of the presentation and the Uniform Crime Reporting document for 2007 is included in your packet.


VI.  VII. Public Works Department

Joe Buck, Public Works Director, will discuss top issues facing the Public Works divisions over the next 5 years and long-range planning efforts.


VII. VIII. Eaglecrest FY09 Budget Presentation

Kirk Duncan, Eaglecrest Manager, and Jim Calvin, Eaglecrest Board President, will present the highlights of the 2007-2008 winter season and Eaglecrest’s FY09 and FY10 proposed budgets.  Eaglecrest is requesting an increase in general fund support of $50,000 in FY09 (from $650,000 to $700,000), increasing another $50,000 (from $700,000 to $750,000) in FY10.  The additional requests are not included in the Manager’s Proposed Budget.


A copy of the presentation is included in your packet.


VIII. Mayor’s Recommendations on Energy Issues  (see item IV above.)

IX.    Information Item - AFC Meeting Schedule

X.     Adjournment