City and Borough of Juneau

Assembly Finance Committee Meeting

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

5:00 p.m., Assembly Chambers


I.     Call to Order

II.    Roll Call

III.  Approval of Minutes

IV.  League of Women Voters

On January 29, 2008, Hetty Barthel, President of the League of Women Voters presented a proposal to have the League conduct a 2008 budget survey.  The Finance Committee decided to proceed with conducting the survey and directed the City Manager to contract with the League for their services.  Ms. Barthel indicated that the survey questions should be reviewed and amended, as appropriate.  A subcommittee of Mr. Anderson, Ms. Chambers and Mr. Doll volunteered to help review the existing survey and suggest new or revised questions, as appropriate.  Mr. Anderson was the chair of the subcommittee.  Ms. Barthel and the Subcommittee will be presenting draft information to the Finance Committee for their review.  Ms Barthel has also indicated that the draft survey has space to add a couple of questions.  Ms. Barthel will be seeking input from the Finance Committee on the draft survey and potential questions to add.   


V.   Social Services Advisory Board (SSAB) Funding

Included in the packet is a letter from Lawrence Oldaker, SSAB Chair, outlining their request for additional funding which would allow the SSAB to provide more funds to the grantees to cover increased operating costs.  The SSAB is requesting a $90,000 increase for FY09 and FY10, plus a continuation of funding for diversity training at $5,000 ($200 more than in FY08).


The SSAB grants are funded with a combination of tobacco excise and liquor taxes and general governmental dollars.  Included in your packet is a history from FY04 to FY08 on revenues and funding for SSAB.  


VI.  Youth Activities Board (YAB) Funding

The YAB is requesting an increase of $100,000 in their historic funding level of $250,000 for youth activity grants.  The CBJ has annually provided $450,000 in funding for youth activities, $200,000 for the School District and $250,000 for grants awarded by the YAB.  The youth activities grant funding has remained unchanged since 1997.  The 1% undesignated sales tax funds this program.  In FY08, the YAB received over $440,000 in funding requests and were able to award only $237,500 to the 26 grantees that submitted requests.  The $12,500 not awarded must be held as a contingency to be used fund unanticipated events.


Included in your packet are letters from John White, YAB Chair, and Jeff Wilson, Parks & Recreation Advisory Committee Chair, a history of grant amounts awarded vs. requested and a spreadsheet of the FY08 requests and awards.


VII.  Adjournment