City and Borough of Juneau

Assembly Finance Committee Meeting

Wednesday May 16, 2007

5:00 p.m.

Assembly Chambers





I.    Call to Order

II.   Roll Call

III. Approval of Minutes

IV. United Way Request

United Way is requesting $34,500 to support the Affordable Housing Coordinator position. The funds will be used solely for the salary and other expenses associated with the position.  This position serves as staff to the Affordable Housing Committee, which was set up by the Assembly to address housing issues in Juneau.  Additional funding for the position is provided by grants, other organizations and the United Way.


John Williams, Board Chair, will present United Way’s request.  A letter from John Williams is included in your packet.

V.   Juneau Convention and Visitors Bureau (JCVB)

Lorene Palmer, JCVB President and CEO, will present JCVB’s FY08 Budget.  The JCVB receives funding from hotel tax (4% of the 7% collected, projected to be $585,300 in FY08), $204,400 from marine passenger fees to staff the information kiosks, provide summer visitors with information, directions and assistance and to operate the Crossing Guards program during the summer tourism season.


Included in the packet are:

VI.  Eaglecrest FY08 Budget Presentation

Kirk Duncan, Eaglecrest Ski Area Manager, will present an overview of the 2006-2007 ski season and Eaglecrest’s FY08 Revised Budget. The presentation is included in the packet.

VII.  Information Items


VIII. Adjournment