City and Borough of Juneau

Assembly Finance Committee Meeting

Wednesday April 25, 2007

5:00 p.m.

Assembly Chambers



I.    Call to Order

II.    Roll Call

III.  Approval of Minutes

IV.  Douglas 4th of July Committee

There is currently $3,000 in the FY08 Revised Budget for the Douglas 4th of July Committee.  They are requesting an additional $500 to help offset increasing costs in general.  More specifically, the Committee pays for soap box derby kits for those participants who can not afford them ($50 each).


V.   Juneau Alliance for Mental Health Inc (JAMHI)

The FY08 Revised Budget contains $350,000 for continued support to JAMHI to provide mental health services to the citizens of Juneau.  The CBJ support represents 9% of JAMHI’s revenues.


Pamela Watts, JAMHI Executive Director, will give a presentation on the services JAMHI provides to the community.  The presentation is included in the packet.


VI.  Juneau Arts and Humanities Council (JAHC)

The FY08 Revised Budget contains $123,000 for support to JAHC.  This is the same funding level as FY07, of which $69,500 was provided to JAHC for operating expenses and program deliver.  The remaining funds, $53,500 was to be regranted.  In actuality, $71,000 was regranted and only $52,000 was used by JAHC for operations and program delivery.


At the March 14, 2007 AFC meeting, Nancy DeCherney, JAHC Executive Director, indicated they had received letters of intent for grants totaling $113,750. Actual grant applications receive total $101,500.  In addition, JAHC is requesting $63,000 for operations and program delivery plus $5,000 for their Emerging Projects Fund (small one-time grants of $500 or less) for a total request of $169,500.


Nancy DeCherney, JAHC Executive Director, will present updated information on the grant process and actual grant requests received.


VII. Friends of the Valley Pool

Max Mertz, of Friends of the Valley Pool, will present the work that has been done by a citizen committee to develop a plan for the construction of a pool at Dimond Park.


The committee is requesting that the entire cost of the pool, $19.8 million (plus $50,000 in bond costs), be placed on the October 2007 ballot as a general obligation bond proposition.  The Juneau School District has applied to ADEED to determine reimbursement eligibility for the pool as a component of the Thunder Mountain High School.  Any bond obligation that is not reimbursed by the State could be funded with sales tax.


Included with the packet is a binder with information on the pool project.


VIII. Juneau Family Birth Center (JFBC) Request

Kay Kanne, Executive Director, will present the JFBC’s request for $50,000 to assist them meeting grant challenges from the Paul G. Allen Foundation, the Rasmuson Foundation and the Denali Commission for construction of a new multi-use health care facility in Juneau.  The JFBC is a non-profit organization that provides health care and social and educational services on a sliding scale basis to all individuals.


Included in the packet is a letter from Ms. Kanne, additional information on the programs and services of the birth center, the construction budget and funding sources.


In FY04, the Assembly provided $20,000 to the JFBC (from the $1M in sales tax revenues used to fund general capital projects) for this project.

IX.  Related Part Commercial Property Rentals Sales Tax Exemption

On March 14, 2007, the Committee reviewed a request to modify the related party sales tax exemption to include personal property.  The CBJ Code currently includes an exemption for related party leasing of real property.  The exemption does not include a provision for the leasing of personal property.  The Finance Committee requested that this item be brought back to the Committee for additional review.  In addition, possible code language was requested.  Suggested wording for a code change and additional information is contained in the packet.

 X. Money Transmission Services Sales Tax Exemption

Allyn Moore of Cermerlang Financial Services LLC (Cemerlang) spoke before the Assembly on Monday April 2, 2007 about the unfair competitive advantage that banks have versus Cermerlang’s money wire transfer services.  Cermerlang is a seasonal business whose customers are cruise ship crewmembers.  Banks, Savings & Loan Associations, Credit Unions and Investment banks are exempt from collecting sales tax on the wire transfer services provide, per CBJ 69.05.040(26).  Cermerlang does not qualify for the present exemption, as they are not considered a bank, savings & loan association, credit union or an investment bank.  The Assembly requested staff review this issue and schedule this item to come before the Finance Committee.  Additional information on this request is contained in the packet.


XI.  Information Items

Assembly Finance Committee Budget Meeting Schedule and Assembly action dates, updated.


XII. Adjournment