City and Borough of Juneau

Finance Committee Meeting

Wednesday April 11, 2007

5:00 p.m.

Assembly Chambers



I.   Call to Order


II.  Roll Call


III. Approval of Minutes

IV. JDHS Hockey Team/Blue Line Club Request

The Blue Line Club (BLC), JDHS Hockey Team Booster Club, is requesting that the CBJ waive ice time fees for practices and home games of the JDHS Hockey Team.  During the 2006-2007 season, this amounted to more than $16,000.  Currently, the JDHS team pays $120-$150 per hour for 6 hours of weekly practice and for games (3 hours per game).


Included in your packet is a letter from Tom Mayer, Chair of the BLC, and waiver request, both of which were originally distributed to Assembly members at the April 2, 2007 Assembly meeting.  In addition, there are two newspaper articles on the JDHS Hockey Team and an email and letters in support of the ice time waiver.


The BLC has asserted that no other JDHS sports team pays for facility usage.  Although the JDHS Swim Team does not rent the pool directly from the CBJ, it does rent time from the Glacier Swim Club, which rents directly for the CBJ.


V. Department Reviews

The AFC approved a motion to perform in-depth reviews of all departments beginning with the Engineering and Parks & Recreation Departments.  The purpose of these reviews are to examine the possibility of revisions, budget decreases, other savings and/or privatization options.

a. Engineering Department: Roger Healy, Engineering Director, will present information regarding the Engineering Department operations.

b. Parks and Recreation Department: Marc Matsil, Parks and Recreation Director, will present information on the Parks and Recreation Department operations.

Included in your packet is information prepared the Engineering and Parks and Recreation Departments.


VI. Information Item

Assembly Finance Committee Budget Meeting Schedule and Assembly action dates, updated.


VII. Adjournment