City and Borough of Juneau
Finance Committee Meeting
Wednesday May 24, 2006
Immediately following a 5:00 p.m. Special Assembly Meeting
Assembly Chambers

I. Call to Order

II. Roll Call

III. Approval of Minutes
         May 17, 2006

IV. Community Funding Requests

A. Alaska Small Business Development Center: Requesting $50,000
This request is to provide for increased administrative staff to allow for additional local business seminars and distance education for outlying SE Alaska communities and/or homebound Juneau residents.

Included in your packet is a letter from Jean Wall, State Director of the SBDC, plus a more complete description of their funding request and proposal.

Ms. Wall will present their request to the AFC.

B. Juneau Family Birth Center/Strength in Families Program: Requesting $50,000
This request is to provide funds for the Strength in Families Program, a prevention and support program designed to positively influence families, parents and children before child abuse or neglect occurs.

This program would fill the gap created by the termination, on June 30, 2006, of the Healthy Families Juneau program currently managed by Catholic Community Services. The closer of this program was not known until after the Social Service Advisory Board had already reviewed and approved the block grants for FY07.

Included in your packet is a letter from Kaye Kanne, Juneau Family Birth Center Executive Director, describing their request.

Ms. Kanne will present their request to the AFC.

C. Southeast Alaska Avalanche Center (SAAC): Requesting $182,600
This request is to fund a full operation with forecasting ($200,000 less revenues of $17,400), which would provide information and training to help keep residents safe from the threat of avalanches. The SAAC provides avalanche advisories and forecast, offers educational programs and conducts avalanche research.

Included in your packet is letter from the SAAC’s Board and a more detailed description of their funding request. In addition, letters of support form community members are included.

A representative from the SAAC will present their request to the AFC.

D. Taikuu Educational Services – Ambassador Pilot Program: Requesting $18,500 from Marine Passenger Fees
This request is to fund a program that would provide well-trained, friendly and knowledgeable people to help cruise passengers find their way safely to and from activities and services in Juneau. This request was also presented to the Marine Passenger Fee Proceeds Committee but was not recommended for funding.

Stephen Byers, owner of Taikuu Educational Services, will present the request to the AFC. Included in your packet is a letter from Mr. Byers with a more detailed explanation of his request.

V. League of Women Voters (LOWV) Survey

The LOWV will present the results of their 2006 community budget survey. The complete survey is included in your packet.

VI. Public Participation on the FY07 Operating Budget

VII. Information Items

AFC Actions and Pending Items List
Assembly Finance Committee budget meeting schedule and Assembly action dates.
Note: The May 31, 2006 AFC meeting is scheduled for noon, rather than 5:00 p.m.

VIII. Adjournment