City and Borough of Juneau
Finance Committee Meeting
September 10, 2003,
at 5 p.m., Chambers

I. Call to Order

II. Roll Call

III. Approval of Minutes
- Minutes of July 15, 2003

IV. Eaglecrest Round Table Discussion
On July 8, 2003 the Finance Committee directed the Eaglecrest Board and staff to:

--Developed a strategic vision for Eaglecrest,
--Address the potential for privatization of the Eaglecrest facility,
--Address the potential need to completely restructure the operations and management of Eaglecrest,
--Develop a viable business plan based on their strategic plan that identifies the services Eaglecrest will provide and
--Developed a viable business plan based on their new strategic plan that identifies the new revenue sources that will make Eaglecrest successful.

The information presented in your packet provides a brief history of the development of Eaglecrest and their new Strategic Vision - LINK HERE. The Eaglecrest Ski Area vision will be a broadly supported, year-round community owned recreation center with appropriate infrastructure for both public and commercial use by 2009.

The key strategies being presented by the Eaglecrest Board and staff are:
1. Develop within the community a shared understanding of the ski area’s future.
2. Remain a community owned recreation center.
3. Promote and enhance Eaglecrest as regional winter recreation destination.
4. Determine facility improvements that will allow the ski area to operate in low snow years and maximize revenues in normal show years.
5. Upgrade existing infrastructure and construct facilities for year-round recreational activities including commercial and public use.
6. Strengthen the ski area organizational structure in order to take on these new challenges.
7. Pursue partnerships with the private sector for summer use of the lodge and mountain facilities.
8. Develop a business plan based on the above strategies.

Included in the packet is information on potential management scenarios and land use issues for achieving their Strategic Vision.

Eaglecrest is currently working on a business plan that is in alignment with their Strategic Vision and would like the Assembly's concurrence with the Strategic Vision.

V. DMV Registration Tax, Municipal Option

Power Point Presentation    DMV Statutes     Local Communities Opting for MVRT   

DMV Vehicle Counts

On July 28, 2003 the Assembly approved an ordinance imposing a one-year $1.40 per household waste management fee to pay for the cost of a vehicle disposal program. There has been some interest in possibly implementing a motor vehicle fee in lieu of the waste management fee. State Statutes provide for a local option for levying a motor vehicle registration tax. The registration tax is administered through DMV as part of their vehicle-licensing program. If the Assembly chooses to implement the optional registration tax, the State Statutes require that that the CBJ give notice one full calendar year prior to the effective date. Enclosed in the packet is information on the vehicle registration program, limitation and changes that would need to occur. Staff will present this information to the Finance Committee during the meeting.