Office of the City Clerk



Monday, July 20, 2009
5 p.m. in the City Hall Assembly Chambers


No public testimony heard.


I. Call to Order


II. Approval of Minutes

June 15, 2009 Assembly Committee of the Whole Meeting

III. Douglas Harbor Replacement Dredging

July 13, 2009 Report from John Stone, P.E., Port Director

Power Point Presentation “Douglas Harbor Replacement”

Newfields Report “Summary of Conclusions for Douglas Harbor” by Jack Word

Peratrovich, Nottingham and Drage (PND) Project #062065.01 Report, “Douglas Harbor Dredge Material Disposal, Practicable Aternative Analysis Report, POA 2000-495-M3.”

IV. Community Development Department (CDD) Title 49 – Land Use Code Update

July 16, 2009 Report from Dale Pernula, Community Development Director

June 2, 2009 Memorandum from Tim Maguire re: TXT2007-00004 – Public Improvements

DRAFT Ordinance Repealing and Reenacting Title 49, Chapter 35, Public Improvements, and Amending the Land Use Code at Definitions

February 5, 2009 Memorandum from Tim Maguire, Title 49, Chapter 15, Article IV, Minor and Major Subdivisions

Proposed Code Language for Title 49 – Minor and Major Subdivisions

July 14, 2009 Memorandum from Daniel Sexton re: New Downtown Historic District Standards & Guidelines and Historic Preservation Code Update

May 14, 2009 Memorandum from Greg Chaney re: Potential Modifications to the Table of Permissible Uses.

V. Statewide and Area Transportation Plan (SATP)

July 14, 2009 - Watt / Pernula Memo re: DRAFT Southeast Alaska Transportation Plan Scoping Comments


DRAFT Southeast Alaska Transportation Plan

VI. Comments and Questions


VII. Adjourn

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