Public Works and Facilities Committee Meeting

Monday, December 8, 2003 - 12:00 p.m.

Assembly Chambers


                           I.      CALL TO ORDER

                          II.      APPROVAL OF MINUTES

                                   A.      November 17, 2003 - Regular Meeting

                                   B.      November 24, 2003 - Regular Meeting

                         III.      PUBLIC PARTICIPATION

                         IV.      ITEMS FOR ACTION

                                   A.      Glacier Valley Sports Field Restrooms - Requesting Funds Transfer

                                   B.       Zach Gordon Covered Play Area - Requesting Funds Transfer

                                   C.      Cope Park Restrooms - Requesting Funds Transfer

                                   D.      Safe Routes to Schools

                         V.      INFORMATION ITEMS

                                   A.      All Seasons Subdivision

                        VI.      NON-AGENDA ITEMS

                        VII.     ADJOURNMENT