City and Borough of Juneau
Assembly Finance Committee Meeting
Wednesday, May 6, 2009 at 5:30 p.m.
Assembly Chambers


    I.         Call to Order

       II.        Roll Call

   III.       Approval of Minutes
April 29, 2009 (pp. 2-3)

     IV.       Capital Improvements Program Budget (pp. 4-8)
The Capital Improvement Program for FY10 was approved by the Public Works and Facilities Committee at its
              April   20, 2009 meeting and forwarded to Assembly Finance Committee.

    The resolution adopting the Capital Improvement Program for Fiscal Years 2010 through FY2015 is included
    in your packet.

        This resolution is scheduled for action at the May 18, 2009 Regular Assembly Meeting.

  V.         Pending Items (pp. 9-11)
The Pending Items list contains all items moved by the AFC to be reviewed at this time.  The list is divided into two
              categories, those items that were approved during the FY09/10 budget deliberations and are included in the
              FY10 budget and those items that are additional requests not currently included in the FY10 budget.

                           Included in your packet is an April 29, 2009 memo from Rod Swope with an alternate recommendation for the
             use of Marine Passenger Fee funds.

                         After final decisions on the Pending Items have been made, the AFC should refer Ordinance 2009-08, as amended,
             to the Assembly for action at its May 18, 2009 Regular Assembly Meeting.

VI.        Information Items
The FY10 mill levy ordinance, Ordinance 2009-10 is scheduled for action at the May 18, 2009 Regular
                 Assembly Meeting.

                 This ordinance establishes the mill rates for property taxes for 2009, which funds the City and Borough of Juneau’s
                 FY10 operating budget.

                 The ordinance proposes a total mill levy of 10.60; the components of which are:

                  Area                                                                                                 Millage    
                  Roaded Service Area                                                                              1.95
                  Fire Service Area                                                                                     0.22
                  Areawide -
                    Operational                                                                                            7.09
                    Debt Service                                                                                          1.34
                  Total                                                                                                       10.60

           B.   FY10 AFC Meeting schedule (pp. 12-13)

VII.     Adjournment