City and Borough of Juneau
Assembly Finance Committee Meeting
Wednesday, April 29, 2009 at 5:30 p.m.
Assembly Chambers

 I.     Call to Order

 II.     Roll Call

III.     Approval of Minutes
April 22, 2009
               April 15, 2009

IV.    Social Services Advisory Board Funding Recommendations

The SSAB evaluates grant applications on a biennial cycle that matches CBJ’s budget cycle.  The FY10 block grant award recommendations to agencies are unchanged from those approved last year.  A list of the agencies and funding levels is included in the packet.  The FY10 Revised funding level for SSAB Block Grant is unchanged at $695,000, with $690,000 to fund the block grant award, and $5,000 used to provide cultural competency training to local agencies.  The SSAB Block Grant program is funded with a combination of liquor tax, tobacco excise tax and general governmental funds.

 In FY09, the SSAB also began distributing the utility (water and sewer) grants that had previously been funded out of the Water and Wastewater Utilities.  In May 2007, Joe Buck, Public Works Director, on behalf of the Utility Advisory Board, suggested that the public service grants be funded by revenue sources similar to other CBJ grants rather than from the utility funds.  As a result, the Assembly Finance Committee asked the SSAB to manage the application process and distribution of the public service utility grants.   The funding for FY09 was $28,100, which is based on grants historically given to AWARE, the Glory Hole and St Vincent DePaul’s. The amount budgeted for FY10 is $50,000 in anticipation of an increase in requests from non-profit organizations (501c3) that provide overnight accommodations.

Your packet includes the guidelines developed by the SSAB to award the Utility Grants, the amounts awarded and an excerpt from the 04.27.09 SSAB meeting in which the Utility Grants were awarded.

V.        Juneau International Airport Budget Presentation
  John Coleman, Airport Administrative Officer, will present the Airport’s FY10 Revised Budget.

VI.      Bartlett Budget Presentation
  An overview of BRH’s operations and FY10 budget will be presented, a copy of which is included in the packet.

VII.    Docks and Harbors Budget Presentation
  John Stone, Port Director, will provide an overview of Docks and Harbors operations and projects.

VIII.  Eaglecrest Budget Presentation

Kirk Duncan, Eaglecrest Manager, will present updated projections for FY09 including the fund  balance status and FY10 Revised Budget request.  The FY10 Revised funding level for Eaglecrest is $750,000 with $725,000 funded by the General Fund, and $25,000 funded by the Roaded Service Area.  This funding level was approved during the FY09/10 biennial budget process and remains unchanged.  A copy of the presentation is included in the packet. 

IX.    Information Items
Pending Items List
         B.  FY10 AFC Meeting schedule

 X.     Adjournment