City and Borough of Juneau

Finance Committee Meeting

May 18, 2005,
  at 5 p.m., Chambers


I.  Call to Order


II.  Roll Call


III. Approval of Minutes

May 11, 2005


IV. Eaglecrest Budget Presentation

Kirk Duncan, Eaglecrest Ski Area Manager, and Kim Titus, Eaglecrest Finance Chair, will present Eaglecrest’s FY06 budget.   Included in the packet is a comparative statement of Eaglecrest’s operating budget for FY04, FY05 and FY06 and highlights from the FY05 season and FY06 budget.


The Eaglecrest Board is requesting an increase in general governmental support to $525,000.   FY05 support totaled $488,100, which was comprised of $363,100 from the General Fund, $25,000 from the Roaded Service Area Fund for winter road maintenance and $100,000 (one-time only) from the Sales Tax Fund.   The amount of support currently budgeted in FY06 is $388,100.


V. Juneau Ski Club (JSC)

Tom Nave, Juneau Ski Club President, will present the club’s request for a $100,000 loan at zero or very low interest rate for a 15-year term.   The purpose of the loan is to allow the JSC to construct a two-story 24’ X 32’ Race Training Center .   The Center will be used to store electronic timing and communication equipment, hold training meetings, store ski and race equipment, hold jury meetings when race results are contested and reduce congestion in the lodge when intrastate, interstate and international races are held.   Previously the JSC had used a portion of the lodge for these functions but were requested to vacate the space to allow for more rental lockers.


The Race Training Center will be built to code and owned by the City upon completion.   The JSC will then lease the building from the City for $1.00/year. The JSC intends to repay the loan by renting lockers in the building to JSC members.

The building will be constructed in accordance with the following Charter provision: 

Section 9.14. Competitive bidding

(b)Contracts for public improvements and, whenever practicable, other purchases of supplies, materials, equipment, and services, shall be by competitive bid and awarded to the lowest qualified bidder. This subsection (b) shall not apply to purchases of:  

(5)Services of members and employees of a nonprofit corporation registered as such with the State of Alaska , if:
                                          (A)The services are provided pursuant to a written agreement with the corporation, and
          (B)The total amount paid by the municipality divided by the number of hours of service provided by the members and employees of the corporation does not exceed double the minimum hourly wage established by the Alaska Wage and Hour Act.

Included in your packet is a memo from Kirk Duncan to the Eaglecrest Board and a letter from Mr. Nave with additional detail regarding their request.   The Eaglecrest Board supports JSC’s  request.

VI. Alaska Committee

Win Gruening will present the Alaska Committee’s FY06 budget request.   Included in the packet is a summary of the Alaska Committee’s request and their 2004 federal tax return.  


VII. Youth Activities Board

The FY06 amount available for youth activities grants awarded by the YAB is $250,000.   The YAB allocates these funds to various nonprofit groups that serve youth.  


The YAB is required by ordinance to place five percent ($12,500) of the amount allocated into a contingency account to fund unanticipated events.   Removing the contingency leaves $237,500 available at the beginning of the year for youth program grant awards.


Historically, the Assembly has agreed to allow the Youth Activities Board to carry forward any remaining fund balances at the end of the fiscal year.   The FY05 contingency account balance is currently at $12,870.   Qualified applicants are still eligible to apply for contingency grants until June 9th .   As such, the amount available for carryover will be determined after the June 9th contingency application period expires. If the Assembly approves the roll over request, the Board will add the remaining FY05 balance into grant funds available for FY06.


Included in your packet is a letter from John White, YAB Chair, outlining the FY06 grant process and the recommended grant awards.


The YAB is requesting Finance Committee approval of their grant recommendations.  


VIII. Airport Budget Presentation

Included in the packet is the FY06 Budget presentation.   Patricia deLaBruere, Airport Business Manager, will give an overview of the budget.   Allan Heese, Airport Manager, and members of the Airport Board will be present to provide additional information, if necessary.


The Airport Board is requesting approval of their FY06 Revised budget as presented.  


IX. Information Item

Contained in the packet is the Assembly Finance Committee FY06 budget meeting schedule and Assembly action dates.