City and Borough of Juneau

Finance Committee Meeting

May 4, 2005, at 5 p.m., Chambers


I.  Call to Order

II. Roll Call


III. Approval of Minutes

April 27, 2005

IV. Continuation of Assembly Grants

Social Services Advisory Board (SSAB): † Included in the packet are the grant award recommendations of the SSAB and a memo from the SSAB summarizing the awards.


V. Juneau Convention and Visitors Bureau (JCVB)

A.Lorene Palmer, JCVB Director, will present the organizationís FY06 budget. † Included in your packet is a memo from Ms. Palmer that summarizes their budget philosophy for FY06.

B. Ms. Palmer is requesting that the CBJ provide $11,000 to assist the JCVB in funding the 2005 Alaska Traveler Survey prepared by the McDowell Group. † Enclosed in the packet are memos from Ms. Palmer and Susan Bell, McDowell Group Partner.

VI. DeHartís Proposal

Enclosed in the packet is a memo from John Stone, Port Director, regarding the DeHartís Marina Purchase.  

VII. Marine Passenger Fee

Included in the packet are:

A. March 23, 2005 memo with the Managerís recommendations to the Passenger Fee Proceeds Committee

B. Marine Passenger Fee Revenue and Expenditure History/Projections

C. Marine Passenger Fee Capital Projects Status Report as of April 14, 2005

D. A memo from Kirby Day, Director of Shore Operations, Princess Cruises and Tours , requesting continued support for shore power from marine passenger fees.

VIII. Property Tax Relief

Included in the packet are:

A. A list of items that have been recommended by the AFC for inclusion in the FY06 Budget.

B.The FY06 through FY10 projections presented at the April 20, 2005 AFC meeting adjusted for the increase in Education funding to the CAP with the inclusion of the Montessori program and for the increase in Education funding to the CAP with the addition of the new high school in FY09 and FY10.


IX. Information Item

Contained in the packet is the Assembly Finance Committee budget meeting schedule and Assembly action dates.