City and Borough of Juneau

Finance Committee Meeting

April 27, 2005, at 5 p.m., Chambers


I. Call to Order


II. Roll Call

III. Approval of Minutes

April 20, 2005


IV.  Assembly Grants

A. Juneau Festival Association: The grant request is for $27,500 . This money is used for fireworks, building materials, supplies, and food for the volunteers.   The Juneau Festival Committee is requesting the full grant amount in the first quarter because their firework’s bill is due in July.   They have provided a budget listing of supplies; their invoices are given to the City and paid directly by the City.


A member of the festival association will be present to address their increased request amount.


The FY05 grant award was $23,800.   There is $23,800 budgeted for this grant.


B. Douglas Fourth of July Committee : The grant request is for $3,000 .   This money is used for printing, rentals from Alpine portable toilets, permits, and children’s races. The money is being requested in the first quarter for the 4 th of July expenses.  


The FY05 grant award was $2,400.   There is $2,400 budgeted for this grant.


C. Juneau Arts and Humanities Council : The grant request of $65,000 is designated for the following projects:

•  $6,000 for Arts in Education: Art classes after school and summer programs.

•  $15,000 for grants to other Juneau art groups: Juneau Symphony, Juneau Student Symphony, Juneau Douglas Little Theater, Juneau Lyric Opera, Juneau Community Charter School, Opera To Go, Theatre in the Rough, Cross Sound Festival, Juneau Dance Unlimited and other groups as listed in the backup material.

•  $13,000 for local programs: Humanities Series, Student Concert Series, art gallery for local artists and students, outreach program (lecture and demonstrations by concert performers for students).

•  $26,000 for the Concert Series: 2005-2006 Concert Series examples are Barefoot Bluegrass Band concert and Bluegrass Camp for students, Linda Tillery and the Cultural Heritage Choir, Tomas Kubinek (storyteller and physical comedian specializing in outreach for incarcerated youth), Shanghai Circus and Trinity Irish Dance Company.

•  $5,000 for program delivery . Program delivery involves the advertising, promoting and networking necessary to provide all of JAHC's various programs to the public.


The JAHC has provided financial information with their application.


Karen Lechner, Executive Director, will give a presentation regarding their funding request.


The FY05 grant award was $61,800.   There is $61,800 budgeted for this grant.


D. Perseverance and Alaska Conservatory Theatre: The grant request is for $39,000 , $23,000 for Perseverance Theatre and $16,000 for the Alaska Conservatory Theater.


•  The $23,000 provides direct support for core artistic operations and helps fund the 5 - 8 shows performed annually for local audiences.   More importantly it helps Perseverance Theatre leverage much larger sums from corporate, Federal and Foundation funding, and to encourage local community giving as they strive to continue to diversify their funding base.   The amount leveraged in FY05 has been $107,500.


•  The $16,000 helps fund extensive theatre training and education work for Juneau youth and adults.   Here again, CBJ support allows Perseverance Theatre to leverage additional funding of $128,000 for education and training.


Perseverance Theatre has provided audited financial statements with their application.


Jeffrey Herrmann, Producing Director, will give a presentation to explain their funding request.


The FY05 grant award was $39,000.   There is $39,000 budgeted for this grant.


E. Juneau Jazz and Classics: The grant request is for $10,000, which will be used for community outreach to offset some of the expenses related to providing concerts, workshops and educational programs as part of the Juneau Jazz and Classics Music Festival.


Pam Johnansen, Executive Director, will give a brief presentation.


The FY05 grant award was $4,800 .   There is $4,800 budgeted for this grant.


F. Juneau Alliance for Mental Health (JAMHI): The grant request is for $305,000 . Brenda Knapp of JAMHI and a representative from of Juneau Youth Services will give presentations on their respective programs.   Included in your packet is a letter from JAMHI describing the services they provide to the community.

•  $257,000 is for General Mental Health, which includes $39,630 in pass-through funds for Juneau Youth Services.   General Mental Health funds are used for screening, assessment and referral; psychiatric services and brief crisis follow-up.

•  $48,000 is for CMI Rehab and the Green House Center.   The CMI Rehab program provides a location to practice and learn individual and group skills.   The Green House Center is a drop-in center for the CMI that provides consumer directed activities to enhance the consumers' abilities to reach self sufficiency and promote recovery.


The FY05 grant award was $305,000.   There is $305,000 budgeted for this grant.


G. Juneau Economic Development Council (JEDC): The grant request is for $148,000, which is $3,000 more than the FY05 amount but is $32,000 less than the FY04 grant award. Enclosed in your packet is JEDC’s grant application.   Supporting documentation (over 100 pages) is available from Bonnie Chaney, Budget Analyst.   Lance Miller, Executive Director; will give a presentation on JEDC's 2004 performance, current programs and projects and a look into the future.


The FY05 grant award was $143,000. There is $148,000 budgeted for this grant.


H. Juneau Economic Development Council (JEDC): This additional request is to provide $20,000 in funding to conduct a Juneau business and household survey.   This would update the surveys done in 1987, 1988, 1989 and 1990 by the McDowell Group.   Conducting the survey now will allow comparison to the previous surveys and provide information as to where we have been, where we are, and help guide where we should go.


V. Mayor and Assembly Budget

Enclosed in the packet is the Mayor and Assembly's FY06 Revised "line item" budgets with FY04 actuals, FY05 budget and projected actuals and the FY06 Approved budget for comparison purposes.


VI.  Information Item

Contained in the packet is the Assembly Finance Committee budget meeting schedule and Assembly action dates.