City and Borough of Juneau

Finance Committee Meeting

April 20, 2005

  5 p.m., Assembly Chambers




I. Call to Order


II. Roll Call

III. Approval of Minutes

April 13, 2005


IV. School District FY06 Budget Presentation

The School District will present their FY06 budget and local funding request to the Finance Committee.   In the packet, you will find a letter from Peggy Cowan, District Superintendent, requesting the following local funding support for FY06.


General Operating Support


Community Schools




Student Activities


  Total Funding Request


The FY06 Revised Budget includes $19,745,900 for general operations, $123,000 for community Schools and $200,000 for Activities.   There is $46,100 difference in general operating support between the FY06 Revised Budget and the District’s revised, April 18, 2005, funding request.   The increase is due to the recent acceptance of the Juneau Montessori School .   In addition, the FY06 Revised Budget does not include the $18,200 in funding for Student Activities.   The CBJ did not provide the District with this additional Student Activities funding in FY05.

The School District’s funding request is the maximum amount using a $4,880 per student State funding formula.   The legislature current has two different funding rates proposed for the State FY06 budget, $4,880 and $4,919.   If the higher rate, $4,919 per student, is approved, this will increase the maximum amount of local funding that can be provided to $19,860,665.    

V. Calendar Year 2005 Property Assessment Overview

The City and Borough Assessor will present information on the calendar year 2005 real property assessments.


VI. Mill Levy Options

The City Manager will present recommendations for the calendar year 2005 (FY06) mill levies.


VII. Chamber of Commerce Business Personal Property exemption proposal

In late 2004, the Chamber of commerce presented a recommendation to the Assembly that the CBJ exempt the first $100,000 of business personal property value. In response to this request, the Mayor appointed a subcommittee (Tax Policy Subcommittee) to review this request as well as other property and sales tax issues.   The Tax Policy Subcommittee identified a number of property and sales tax issues for review.   The Committee has been reviewing through these tax items for the past few months.   The Committee is meeting again on April 21, noon, to review several remaining property and sales tax issues.   One of the items on the agenda is the Chamber’s business personal property exemption request.


VIII. Budget Schedule

Included in the packet is a schedule of the Finance Committee’s meetings and Assembly action dates.