City and Borough of Juneau
Finance Committee Meeting
June 2, 2004 at 5 p.m., Chambers

I. Call to Order

II. Roll Call

III. Approval of Minutes

IV. Public Participation (limited to 20 minutes)

V. Capital Improvement Projects Program Budget
Enclosed in your packet are seven lists of project funding recommendations, listed in priority, from the Public Works and Facilities Committee:
1. Projects funded with $ 6,150,000 from the 1% A/W CIP Sales Tax
2. Projects funded with $1 million from the 1% General Sales Tax
3. Projects funded with $ 2,179,800 provided from the Marine Passenger Fee.
4. Bartlett 2005 Project funded with $6,050,000 ($19,110,000 cumulative) from the 1% Temporary Sales Tax.
5. Sewer projects funded with $2,175,000 from the Sewer Enterprise Fund.
6. Water projects funded with $1,500,000 from the Water Enterprise Fund.
7. Airport projects funded with $18,762,000 from the FAA, $456,700 from the ADOT and $973,300 from passenger facility charge.

VI. Marine Passenger Fee
Enclosed in your packet is a revised list that reflects changes from the list in the May 19, 2004 packet.

At the May 26, 2004 AFC meeting, Mr. Rod Swope presented changes to his March 4, 2004 recommendations for usage of the FY05 marine passenger fee proceeds.

1.Add $3,000 to Best Management Practices Support for a total of $12,000
2. Reduce the Crossing Guards program by $12,000 for a total of $71,000
3. Reduce the Auke Bay Commercial Loading Facility by $48,400 for a total of $300,000
4. Add $10,000 for Collaboration Juneau for a total of $10,000
5. Provide $100,000 to close out the Steamship Wharf/Marine Park project by using:

Due to time constraints, further discussion of the use Marine Passenger Fee proceeds was deferred to the June 2, 2004 (this) meeting.

On June 12, 2002, the AFC voted to transfer any extra FY03 marine passenger fees to the Waterfront Open Space Land Acquisition program. The exact amount of $96,200 could not be determined until after the end of FY03 (June 30, 2003).

VII. Pending Items
Over the course of the budget meetings the Finance Committee has indicated their interest in revisiting several budget items. Enclosed in your packet is a list of outstanding budget items and their financial impact. Also included is a request from the School District to increase the CBJ support to Education to the new CAP, an additional $712,800 in FY05 and $709,300 in FY06. The Manager will make provide recommendations regarding potential funding sources at this meeting.

The Mayor and Assembly's FY05 & FY06 Proposed Budgets could be decreased by $5,200 as a result of a reduction in the dues paid to the Resource Development Council. CBJ will retain full membership at the reduced rate. Enclosed in the packet is the revised FY05 & FY06 Proposed Budgets for the Mayor and Assembly, which includes this potential reduction.

VIII. Information Items