City and Borough of Juneau
Finance Committee Meeting
May 26, 2004 at 5 p.m., Chambers

I. Call to Order

II. Roll Call

III. Approval of Minutes

May 19, 2004

IV. Bartlett Regional Hospital (BRH)
Ron Lorensen, BRH Finance Chair, will present information on BRH’s operations. The presentation will include the status of Project 2005, the vision and mission of BRH, core services, key utilization trends, budget issues and assumptions and BRH's proposed FY05 budget. Additional Board members will be present as well as members of the BRH senior management team, Bob Valiant, Garth Hamblin, Sheryl Washburn and Mark Beattie.

V. Eaglecrest
The Eaglecrest Board of Directors and Management will present an overview of their proposed operating budget for FY05 and FY06 and a brief update on the development of their business plan. Erik Stewart, Business Counselor with the Juneau Economic Development Council will also provide development recommendations. Information in the meeting packet includes a summary of the prior year's financial activity, budget highlights and an overview of Eaglecrest's contribution to the community.

The Eaglecrest Board is requesting an additional $100,000 in general fund support. It is anticipated this additional support will be necessary into the foreseeable future.

VI. Marine Passenger Fee
Enclosed in your packet is the City Manager’s, Rod Swope, March 4, 2004 memo to the Finance Committee. The memo describes the projects and funding levels that were identified by the Passenger Fee Proceeds Committee and approved by Mr. Swope. In addition, there is a schedule of the history of marine passenger fee revenues and expenditures.

The transfer of the Crossing Guard program from JPD to Docks and Harbors and refinements of the budget has resulted in a reduction in estimated costs from $83,000 to $71,000. This will free up an additional $12,000 in marine passenger fee funds in FY05 for other uses.

Engineering has identified several items necessary to close out the Marine Plaza project. To complete the project an additional $100,000 will be needed. It is recommended this funding come from the marine passenger fee fund balance. We are projecting a FY05 year end balance of $163,000.

The Juneau Convention and Visitors Bureau (JCVB) has submitted a request for additional marine passenger fee support of $53,000 to offset the cost of providing visitor information services to cruise ship passengers. Enclosed in your packet is a letter and supporting document from Mr. Kasnick, JCVB Board Chair, requesting the additional funds. It is the JCVB’s desire that the hotel tax support currently used by JCVB to provide visitor information services be fully funded with Marine Passenger Fees. This would in turn free up JCVB’s limited hotel tax support to be used for marketing purposes.

VII. Pending Items
Over the course of the budget meeting the Finance Committee has indicated their interest in revisiting several budget items. Enclosed in your packet is a list of outstanding budget items and their financial impact. Also included in your packet is a memo regarding possible areas of expenditure reductions within the Mayor and Assembly's budget.

VIII. Information Items
A. FY05 AFC Meeting Schedule, updated.
B. Weather Forecast: Mostly cloudy with chance of showers.