City and Borough of Juneau
Finance Committee Meeting
May 19, 2004 at 5 p.m., Chambers

I. Call to Order

II. Roll Call

III. Approval of Minutes

May 12, 2004

IV. Alaska Cooperative Extension Service 4-H Request
For FY05, the State has reduced funding for the Alaska Cooperative Extension Service. This budget reduction will have a direct impact on Extension Services being provided in Juneau. In order to continue the Extension Service’s 4-H and Land Resources programs, they are requesting financial assistance from the CBJ. Enclosed in your packet is a letter from Mr. Anthony Nakazawa, Director.

Mr. Nakazawa will attend the Finance Committee meeting to explain the impacts of the State’s budget reduction and what assistance is need to continue the Extension Service programs.

V. Youth Activities Board (YAB)
The FY05 amount available for youth activities grants awarded by the YAB is $240,000, $10,000 less than the FY04 amount. The YAB allocates these funds to various nonprofit groups that serve youth.

The YAB is required by ordinance to place five percent ($12,000) of the amount allocated into a contingency account to fund unanticipated events. Removing the contingency leaves $228,000 available at the beginning of the year for youth program grant awards.

In the past, the Assembly has historically agreed to allow the Youth Activities Board to carry forward any remaining fund balances at the end of the fiscal year. The FY04 contingency account balance is currently at $1,000. (Qualified applicants are still eligible to apply for contingency grants until June 7th. As such, the amount available for carryover will be determined after the June 7 contingency application period expires.) If the Assembly approves the roll over request, the Board will add the remaining FY04 balance into grant funds available for FY05.

Enclosed in your packet is a letter from John White, YAB Chair, outlining the FY05 grant process and the recommended grant awards. The YAB has provided two lists; one at the current funding level of $240,000 and the second in the event the funding is restored to the FY04 level of $250,000.

The YAB is requesting Finance Committee approval of their grant recommendations.

VI. Docks and Harbors Board
John Stone, Port Director and Jim Preston, Docks and Harbors Finance Committee Chair will give a presentation on the accomplishments, finances and future goals of docks and harbors.

VII. Airport Board
Allan Heese, Airport Manager, Patricia deLaBruere, Airport Business Manager, Joe Heueisen, Airport Board Chair, and Pete Carlson, Airport Finance Committee Chair will be present. Ms. deLaBruere will give a presentation on the FY05 & FY06 Airport operating budget was developed, including cuts, rate increases and other changes.

VIII. Information Item
A. FY05 AFC Meeting Schedule, updated