City and Borough of Juneau
Finance Committee Meeting
April 21, 2004
5 p.m., Chambers

I. Call to Order

II. Roll Call

III. Approval of Minutes

IV. The School District’s FY05 and FY06 Operating Budget Presentation
The School District submitted their FY05 and FY06 operating budget and funding requests to the CBJ on March 24, 2004. The School District is requesting the CBJ provide the following funding for FY05 (see enclosed letter from Peggy Cowan, Superintendent) –

In addition, the District is requesting that the CBJ fund the District’s Truancy Officer position within the City’s budget. The estimated cost for this position is $41,000.

The CBJ’s FY05 Budget includes funding for the School District’s general operations at the amount requested, $18,157,200. The preliminary FY05 Budget does not include funding for the additional items requested.

The District will be presenting additional information to the Finance Committee, including the impacts of potential increases in the State’s funding formula (SB35).

IV. Budget Schedule
Enclosed in your packet is the current Assembly Finance Committee FY05 & FY06 Budget Schedule & Key Dates. The Finance Chair will be reviewing the schedule with the Finance Committee.