City and Borough of Juneau
Finance Committee Meeting
February 11, 2004,
at 5 p.m., Chambers

I. Call to Order

II. Roll Call

III. Approval of Minutes
Minutes of the January 7, 2004 meeting

IV. Eaglecrest Business Plan
The Eaglecrest Management and the Eaglecrest Board of Directors will present an overview of the Eaglecrest Business Plan. The plan identifies key strategies that will provide long-term stability for Eaglecrest, along with a road map to be followed in the near term. This business plan identifies current infrastructure needs and also identifies where opportunities exist for public/private partnerships. In identifying infrastructure improvements, and the priorities for development, Eaglecrest has looked specifically at the project feasibility and identified potential funding sources for these improvements.

Included in the packet is the most current version of the Eaglecrest Business Plan. This presentation is to update the Assembly on the status of the plan and to provide them an opportunity for further input.

V. Information Items

A. The Finance Committee chair will provide an update on the status of State pull-tab taxation legislation.

B. League of Women Voters will present a draft of the 2004 Budget Survey. They are requesting that the AFC provide comments within a time certain. Enclosed in your packet is the 2002 Budget Survey for your reference.