City and Borough of Juneau
Finance Committee Meeting
June 2, 2003,
at 5 p.m., Chambers

I. Call to Order

II. Roll Call

III. Approval of Minutes

IV. Juneau Convention Visitors Bureau (JCVB) Budget Presentation
Lorene Palmer, Executive Director of JCVB, will give a presentation JCVB's FY04 budget and marketing plan.

V. FY04 Budget Finalization

A. Capital Improvement Project Program Budget
Enclosed in your packet are three lists of project funding recommendations, listed in priority, from the Public Works and Facilities Committee:
1. Projects funded with the $5,680,000 provided from the 1% A/W CIP Sales Tax
2. Projects funded with the $1 million provided from the 1% General Sales Tax
3. Projects funded with the $1,638,000 provided from the Marine Passenger Fee

B. Marine Passenger Fee
At its May 14, 2003 meeting, the AFC approved recommendations for use of the FY04 projected marine passenger fee proceeds. These recommendations were forwarded to the Passenger Fee Proceeds Committee (PFPC) for their review.

The PFPC met on May 22, 2003 to review and discuss the AFC's recommendations. Included in your packet is a summary of the May 22, 2003 PFPC meeting and a memo from Mr. Swope highlighting some of the committee's recommendations.

C. Current and Future Budgetary Issues
Enclosed in your packet is a list of some of the major funding issues facing the CBJ over the next few years.

D. Pending Items
1. Enclosed in your packet is a list of pending funding requests totaling $759,600. Action needs to be taken on each of the items on the list.

2. In addition to determining if Eaglecrest's request for a $240,000 one-time increase in support is acceptable, it is also necessary to approve:
a. The FY04 Eaglecrest budget submitted at the May 21, 2003 AFC meeting and
b. To allow Eaglecrest to carry a negative fund balance as part of their plan to return to a positive financial position.