City and Borough of Juneau
Finance Committee Meeting
May 14, 2003,
at 5 p.m., Chambers

I. Call to Order

II. Roll Call

III. Approval of Minutes

IV. Assembly Grants, continued from May 7, 2003 meeting
A. Juneau Alliance for Mental Health, Inc (JAMHI): The grant request is for $305,000. JAMHI provides adult and youth mental health services to the community both directly and through a subcontract with Juneau Youth Services (JYS). JAMHI and JYS have assumed many of the mental health functions previously performed by the CBJ Mental Health Division. These monies are essential for JAMHI and JYS to maintain mental health services to the citizens of Juneau.

Included in your packet is a letter from JAMHI detailing the services they provide to the community and how their CBJ grant funds are used to provide those services.

The FY03 grant award was $305,000. There is $305,000 budgeted for this grant.

B. Juneau Family Birth Center: The grant request is for $50,000. The Juneau Family Birth Center provides social support services, health pregnancy and parenting education, midwifery car, birth services, family gathering and activity space and pediatric care. This is a one-time request to assist in the funding of a new facility.

Kaye Kanne of the Juneau Family Birth Center will give a presentation regarding their request.

This is a one-time request. There is $0 budgeted for this grant.

In addition to the request for financial assistance, the Juneau Family Birth Center is seeking support in applying to the Denali Commission's Multi-Use Facility Program and a for their new facility.

V. Board Presentations
A. Airport: Patricia deLaBruere, Airport Business Manager, will give a presentation on the FY04 Airport budget request. Allan Heese, Airport Manager, and Joe Heueisen, Airport Board Chair, will also be present.

B. Bartlett Regional Hospital (BRH): The BRH Board and/or staff will give a presentation on the FY04 BRH budget request and an update on Project 2005.

VII. Marine Passenger Fee
Manager recommendations were forwarded to the Passenger Fee Proceeds Committee (PFPC) on May 7, 2003. This is significantly later than stipulated in the ordinance. However, due to transitions in the Manager's office, this task was not accomplished until Mr. Swope had an opportunity to become familiar with the fee and was able to compile his recommendations.

The following information is included in your packet:
A. The list of the Manager's recommendations to the PFPC
B. Comments from PFPC members
C. Letter in support of funding for the City Museum from the Historic Resources Advisory Committee
D. Marine Passenger Fee Revenue and Expenditure History/Projections
E. Marine Passenger Fee Project Status Report, as of May 14, 2003. This is an updated list of all projects, and their status, funded with marine passenger fees, since the inception of the fee.
F. An overview and history of the marine passenger fee.
G. Marine Passenger Fee Allocation explanation

VIII. Information Items
A. Trail Mix request: Trail Mix has requested $15,000 from marine passenger fees to produce a Southeast Alaska outdoor recreational safety video. Trail Mix currently receives $40,000 from commercial trail use fees for trail maintenance.

B. Pending Items: This is a list items the AFC has indicated they will take action on at a later date but before the budget is adopted.

C. FY04 AFC Meeting Schedule, updated

D. Request for Marine Passenger Fees form.