October 4, 1999

MEETING NO. 99-31: The Regular meeting of the City and Borough of Juneau Assembly, held in the Assembly Chambers of the Municipal Building, was called to order at 7:02 p.m. by Mayor Dennis Egan.

  1. FLAG SALUTE was led by Mayor Egan.
  3. Assembly Present: Garrett, Kibby, MacKinnon, Perkins, Powell, Egan, Hagevig, Muñoz, and Koelsch

    Assembly Absent: None

    A quorum was present.

    Staff Present: Marian Miller, Municipal Clerk; Dave Palmer, City Manager; John Corso, City Attorney; Dave Miller, Airport Manager; Sylvia Kreel, CDD Planner; Joe Buck, Engineering Director; Christine Blackgoat, Health and Social Services Director; Ernie Mueller, Public Works Director; Craig Duncan, Finance Director; Joan Wilkerson, Personnel Director; Mike Doyle, Fire Chief; Kim Kiefer, Parks and Rec. Director; Tim Allen, Risk Management Officer; Gary Mendivil, Eaglecrest Business Manager; and Mike Rody, Housing Coordinator.

    1. Gastineau Channel Little League Major League Softball All Stars Proclamation

Mayor Egan read the proclamation into the record and presented it to Manager Steve Bavard, Coaches Dave Massey and John White, and the girls of the Gastineau Channel Little League Major League Softball Team, the Alaska State Champs.


1. 08/16/99 - Regular Meeting No. 99-24

MOTION - by Kibby, to approve the minutes of Regular Meeting No. 99-24, held August 16, 1999, and he asked unanimous consent. There being no objection, it was so ordered.

  2. Mr. Palmer asked that item D-2, Transfer Request No. T-675, be removed from the Agenda. There being no objection, it was so ordered. He said there would be a transfer, but he wanted to be sure of the amount.


    MOTION - by Hagevig, to adopt the Consent Agenda with the exception of item D-2, and she asked unanimous consent. There being no objection, it was so ordered.

    A. Ordinances for Introduction

    1. Ordinance No. 99-17 (K)


    Administrative Report: Attached. The Manager recommended that this ordinance be introduced and set for public hearing at the next regular meeting.

    B. Resolutions

    1. Resolution No. 2004


    Administrative Report: Attached. The Manager recommended that this resolution be adopted.

    2. Resolution No. 2005


    Administrative Report: Attached. The Manager recommended that this resolution be adopted.

    3. Resolution No. 2006


    Administrative Report: Attached. The Manager recommended that this resolution be adopted and submitted to the State of Alaska, Department of Administration.

    C. Bid Award

    1. Bid Award No. B00-086:

    Fire Department High Pressure Breathing Air System.

    Administrative Report: Attached. The Manager recommended that the Assembly rescind the approval of the bid award to Young’s Firehouse, Inc. and approve the award to L.N. Curtis & Sons for $56,306. This action is consistent with the recommendation originally provided by the Purchasing Division.

    2. Bid Award No. E99-269:

    Lynn Canal Fire State Residence.

    Administrative Report: Attached. The Manager recommended award of this project to Duran Construction Company in the amount bid for Alternate One, making a total award of $233,000.00.

    D. Transfer Request

    1. Transfer Request No. T-674:

    Transfers $12,000 in FY00 Temporary Sales Tax (Proposition 3) from the Eaglecrest Snow Board Terrain Project to the Eaglecrest Composting Toilet Project.

    Administrative Report: Attached. The Manager recommended that this transfer be approved.

  7. 1. Ordinance No. 99-17 (J)


    Administrative Report: Attached. The Manager recommended that this ordinance be adopted.

    Public Participation: None

    Assembly Action:

    MOTION - by Kibby, to adopt Ordinance No. 99-17 (J), and he asked unanimous consent. There being no objection, it was so ordered.

  9. 1. Resolution No. 2003


    Administrative Report: Attached. The Manager recommended that this resolution be adopted.

    Mr. Garrett said that Goldbelt, Inc. was a client. He was allowed to step down.

    Assembly Action:

    MOTION - by Kibby, to adopt Resolution 2003, and he asked unanimous consent.

    Mr. Koelsch said they would like to be able to discuss this in the Areawide Transportation Plan and receive testimony on it before it is moved and approved. He said it was a major change to have the ferry at Cascade Point.

    Ms. Hagevig added that action had been delayed so the Assembly could hear from Goldbelt. She said she shared concern about the ferry terminal at Cascade Point and she would be willing to suggest an amendment deleting that section from the resolution. She asked Mr. Beedle if there were time elements involved to make sure this gets through the STIP process.

    Public Participation:

    Joe Beedle, representing Goldbelt, came forward for questions. Ms. Hagevig asked for an explanation on the time constraints. Mr. Beedle said they nominated this project last October in hopes that when there was an amendment to the STIP for 2001-2003, this project, or these two projects, could be included. If they have problems getting into that particular STIP time period, then 2004 – 2006 would be their next opportunity.

    Ms. Hagevig asked if he anticipated any loss of Federal funds if the Assembly did not provide an endorsement for this to move ahead. Mr. Beedle said Goldbelt would very much appreciate Resolution 2003 being passed in the whole. If there was a problem, then he would appreciate the approval of the resolution with item A, the 2.5-mile road extension staying in the resolution. With regard to timing, they would continue to promote the project both by direct appropriation from high priority or special projects from the Congressional Delegation, as well as awaiting the Lynn Canal Transportation Juneau Access announcement.

    Ms. Hagevig thought there had been a lot of discussion in the community regarding road/no road. The 2.5-mile road extension has been discussed, at least partially, in that process. She did not feel though that there had been the kind of community discussion necessary with regard to changing the location of the ferry terminal. She said she would have a bit of difficulty supporting the retention of item B in the Resolution. Mr. Beedle noted that this would be a supplemental ferry terminal and not a replacement terminal; this would just nominate it.

    Mr. Powell asked for discussion on the planning behind this resolution. Mr. Beedle said that in Goldbelt’s case, the planning has identified the Cascade Point Terminal, approximately 2.5 miles beyond the 42-mile point where the road currently terminates, since 1994-95 and the final adoption and acceptance of the Echo Cove master plan created and approved in March of ‘96 by the Goldbelt Board of Directors and presented to the Planning Commission with acceptance and informal adoption as a future planned area consistent with a new classification in the Comp. Plan. As to the planning process external to Goldbelt, there has been significant amounts of research, consulting, and transportation cost analyses performed in the Lynn Canal area with a lot of reliance upon DOT's own studies. The current challenge is utilizing a day vessel that is not fast enough to cover both northern terminals, Haines going both ways. That would mean going up, stopping at Haines, going to Skagway, coming back, and stopping at Haines again within a 12-hour period. Currently what occurs is excess manning, two crews on for one shift because it takes 16-17 hours to come all the way to Auke Bay. It is a very inefficient means of transportation so the studies they have done have been fairly extensive. The State concurs but that does not necessarily mean that it endorses the project. They were successful in this legislative session to receive authorization, not appropriation, supporting both of the nominations. The Administration is awaiting the Juneau Access announcement to identify if this particular project would be then promoted internally in the DOT to be on the STIP. That is the only reason it is not on the STIP.

    Mr. Perkins said that the last time this was discussed, there was a misunderstanding among some Assemblymembers that maybe this would mean the complete relocation of the ferry terminal to Cascade Point. He clarified that the Legislature approved this and would be supporting this to the STIP and that Mr. Beedle had made a slide show presentation on this a year and a half ago to the Assembly and at the Public Works Committee. Mr. Beedle added they also gave a report to the Lands Committee. At that time they were not advised that there was a separate committee, but they would certainly be willing to meet with another committee.

    Mr. MacKinnon clarified that with regard to federal highway maintenance dollars, there is a priority level of roads in Juneau which goes from Douglas to the Ferry Terminal, the ends of a transportation corridor. Mr. Beedle said that the Ferry Terminal qualifies to Auke Bay as a part of the National Highway System. The National Highway System then secures the maximum level of support from the federal government. Should a ferry terminal be placed at Cascade Point, then this could be, should be, most probably would be, designated as a National Highway System and therefore receive the funds, the upgrades, and the maintenance that are appropriate for the National Highway System federal support. Mr. MacKinnon clarified it would virtually double the amount of miles that they have in the National Highway System and potentially double the amount of federal support. He asked Mr. Beedle if his goal was to initially build the 2.5-mile extension to Cascade Point and then a ferry terminal could be built there for day ferries and whatever else it could expand into. Mr. Beedle called it a multiple purpose facility.

    Mr. Kibby asked Mr. Koelsch why the Transportation Committee would delay this; he saw the Committee as an entity that was to plan for growth, not around growth. There would be many areas within the community that would eventually be developed because of private holdings. The Committee had been asked for a full build-out so already they should be looking at an extension of that road. He asked Mr. Koelsch to rethink what the Transportation Committee would accomplish in any given amount of time as to what the cause and effect may be.

    Mr. Koelsch said Juneau Access had not come out yet and that would have some bearing on what the Assembly approves to go into the STIP with its seal of approval. He felt it would leapfrog the public process if something was approved, sent to the state to be funded, and then questions were asked. Forty-two miles out the road to catch a day ferry may or may not be what the public wants. There has to be a public process and that is why there is the Transportation Steering Committee to do a no-build, then go through the process and come back with recommendations.

    Mr. Kibby did not think it was government’s place to be dictating what private enterprise does with its property. Although they are seeking access to their property with public funding, it is a separate issue aside from any future road access. He has received authorization, but no one has said they will be putting Alaska State ferries within that terminal. We also know that Goldbelt, in the past, has done a tremendous amount of studies to look at privatization, or at least running their own system between Haines and Skagway. He said he did not want to stand in the way of private enterprise trying to develop their properties which will enhance this area.

    Mr. MacKinnon did not think this would take away the public process. It has been before the Lands Committee and Public Works so there has been a public process up to this point. The Transportation Steering Committee has a job to develop the Areawide Transportation Plan and when that job is done and the plan is completed, the Committee may or may not continue to exist. He did not think that every transportation related item that comes up would be run through the Committee when it has already been through the process that has always been in place. There would be a benefit to the community to get this on the STIP.

    Mr. Powell appreciated Mr. Koelsch’s priority of the process; however, he thought there would be opportunities in the future and maybe they were interrupting the process and doing some injustices to the process if it was voted down tonight. This has gone to the Planning Commission, and even as a briefing, the public has had an opportunity to come out and listen to the briefing and observe what is going on.

    Ms. Muñoz proposed to amendments to the resolution:

    AMENDMENT – by Muñoz, to remove "most notably Egan Expressway improvements" in the third "Whereas" as this is not related to Egan Drive or Egan Expressway. There being no objection, it was so ordered.

    AMENDMENT – by Muñoz, to delete "a ferry terminal at Cascade Point" from the resolution. Objection was noted.

    Ms. Hagevig asked Mr. Beedle to characterize what he had tentatively planned for the future at Cascade Point with the ferry terminal. Mr. Beedle said it would have the option of providing for a transportation or ferry authority that could be used for the State, for the private sector or for tourism. It could compliment a future outcome in the Lynn Canal corridor that would allow that use. He added that contrary to most public funding, this match, the full 20% of the match, for 80% from the federal government, no state match, no municipal match, the private sector of Goldbelt would be matching the 20%. By the Assembly’s nomination and support for it, in the Public Evaluation Board process, when a municipality supports a project, it gets a certain number of points in that regard. He added that like the inner island ferry authority, when the private sector is matching and participating, then your project, as compared to other projects in the state, fare better. It is the same concept of that leverage where we are trying to get the points of municipal support, but there will be a lot more process that this has to go through.


    Ayes: Koelsch, and Muñoz,

    Nays: Kibby, MacKinnon, Perkins, Powell, Hagevig, and Mayor Egan

    motion fails: 2:6

    Mayor Egan asked if there was any objection to the Resolution 2003 as amended. Objection was noted.


    Ayes: Kibby, MacKinnon, Perkins, Powell, Hagevig, and Mayor Egan

    Nays: Koelsch, and Muñoz

    Motion carries 6:2

    Mr. Garrett returned to his seat on the panel.

  10. NEW BUSINESS - None
  12. A. Manager’s Report - Action Items

    1. Art Selection Panel’s final selection report for the Riverbend Elementary School

    Administrative Report: Attached. Mr. Garrett noted that the person who was going to make the presentation was advised not show up until 8:00. As the meeting was running ahead of schedule, they were not present yet.

    Assembly Action:

    MOTION - by Garrett, to approve this and encourage them to proceed. There being no objection, it was so ordered.

    B. Manager’s Report - Information Items

    1. Airport Sewer Utility Service.

    Administrative Report: Mr. Palmer noted that with regard to the sewer service to the Ward Air Hangar and the Loken Hangar, there simply was no sewer line in that section of the highway. That may be addressed in the Airport’s utility plan as there is also utility work to look at in that area. The two hangars and one residence in the area do not create a very big load and it was his understanding they were currently on septic tanks.

    2. Negotiations with the State of Alaska Dept of Fish and Game (ADF&G) and through a Coastal Zone Management plan consistency determination for the renewal of the out-fall permit for the Bonnie Brae sewer.

    Administrative Report: Mr. Palmer noted this had been discussed at the Wetland meetings and there was between 25 and 30,000 gallons allowed in the permit to go out the pipe. It is treated sewage and there are individual treatment plants at each house. When the City applied for the renewal, ADF&G said they did not feel that having an out-fall in the Wetlands refuge was consistent. There is design money that has been appropriated and design engineers are currently working on a sewer line that would cross the bay, pick up the sewage and bring it back to the treatment system. They are negotiating an agreement with the State that would allow them to find the renewal of the permit consistent, based on the City’s promise to continue to do the work to get the sewer line connected to the system by August 2002, contingent upon appropriation of funds.

    Mr. MacKinnon asked if in the future they would have the same problem with Bay View Subdivision. Mr. Mueller came forward and said it was a different system. The Bonnie Brae system actually discharges the treated wastewater during low tide on to the dry tide flat. The Bay View out-fall is submerged and he thought it was outside the Mendenhall Wetland Game Refuge so there was less critical area designation for that particular out-fall. There is a permit for that and DEC and ADF&G do not seem to be concerned with that particular out-fall. It is also a much smaller out-fall than the Bonnie Brae.

    Mr. Garrett said at the PW&F meeting on Wednesday, they would be considering a proposal to become partners in a testing program that would test a series of on-site secondary treatment plant facilities in the Bonnie Brae Subdivision, which might, if it works, provide an alternative that DEC says would be totally acceptable to them; ADF&G has not weighed in.

    3. Refastening the shingles on the roof of Riverbend School

    Administrative Report: Mr. Palmer said Coogan Construction and Wilson Engineering have stepped up to the plate and are almost finished refastening the shingles. They have lifted each of the tabs, pulled out the offending long nails and replaced them with short nails. Some of the roof was put down with shorter nails and there is not a problem with them coming up. Staff is continuing to discuss with the architect the issue of the ventilation.

    4. Royal Caribbean Fine Revenues

    Administrative Report: Mr. Palmer said he received a request for proposals from the U.S. Department of the Interior to spend the $1M in Royal Caribbean fine revenues. He proposed applying for money to hire, for the next two summers, an observer to observe cruise ship emissions. DEC has said they would be willing to have that person report to them and DEC would be responsible for enforcement. This money is restricted to environmental types of projects.

    Mayor Egan pointed out that the Feds did not let the City know about this and Mr. Palmer said he thanked DEC for sending him a copy of the RFP.

    Mr. Kibby asked if this were an opportunity for CBJ to pass the money through to DEC allowing them to hire the person specifically for this. Mr. Palmer said that DEC could not spend any money that is not authorized by the Legislature and they cannot get authorization even to spend the City’s money because it makes their budget look bigger. Mr. Powell asked if the ambient air was included. Mr. Palmer said it could be and he would talk with Mr. Powell about that. Mr. Koelsch asked the due date. Mr. Palmer said October 15 and he was putting in only for a seasonal person for two years. Mr. Koelsch asked if they could put in for up to $1 M. Mr. Palmer said no, they sent out a RFP to a number of agencies.

    5. Victims of the sewer back up

    Administrative Report: Ten residences were affected, some minor and a couple in a major way. All but one family is back in their house; one family is still in a hotel. Testing continues and hopefully within this week the last one will be done and those people can move back in. The adjusters have been instructed that if there are any arguments about money, they need to have them with the City and not with the victims. They are still waiting for the victims’ lists of expenses. Mr. Perkins asked what would be done for prevention. Mr. Palmer said that Mr. Carson’s report would include at least three recommendations, in priority order. Copies would be distributed. There would be follow up to that letter and then a neighborhood meeting scheduled. Mr. Garrett added that the report would be discussed at the upcoming PW&F meeting.

    6. Marine Highway Building

    Administrative Report: Mr. Palmer said he has continued to meet with the folks from DOT about the Marine Highway building next to the High School. They have $2.5M programmed to build a building to replace that building and they will have an architect working on the design soon. One of their early issues was that they wanted to have some storefront property for their 2-3 reservation agents. He offered to rent them the space that would open up when the City payroll office moves from the first floor to the second floor of the Municipal Way building. He felt that exchanging that building for paying a few years rent would be a good move. DOT came back and said they would rather have money than office space. He has another meeting with them scheduled for later this week. Ms. Muñoz asked if they rejected the offer of space. Mr. Palmer said they did not reject it; they would just rather have all their people together in the same building. Mr. Koelsch noted this was a priority of the Assembly and the education system and he appreciated Mr. Palmer’s efforts and encouraged him to keep pushing.

    Ms. Miller gave details for the municipal election scheduled for October 5th. Ms. Muñoz asked about absentee voting at the airport. Ms. Miller said it had never been offered by the local election. Absentee voting ended today at 5:00.

    C. Attorney’s Report

    Mr. Corso wanted direction from the Assembly on pending personal injury cases presently in litigation. He requested the Assembly go into executive session for discussion.

    MOTION – by Garrett, to suspend the rules and move the attorney report to the end of the meeting where the Assembly would enter into executive session to discuss items which the immediate knowledge of would have a detrimental impact on the CBJ. There being no objection, it was so ordered.


    1. Revised Pending Items
    2. Unappropriated General Fund Unreserved Fund Balance
    3. Assembly Contingency Fund Balance
    4. Committee Reports

    1. Standing Committees:

    1. Committee of the Whole – Mr. MacKinnon said there would be a COW on Wednesday, October 13, at 5:00 to receive a presentation by DOT on the Haloff Way signalization/road extension.
    2. Finance Committee – Mr. Perkins had nothing to report.
    3. Human Resources Committee – Ms. Muñoz said there would be a meeting October 11, at 6:30, prior to the regular Assembly Meeting.
    4. Lands and Resources Committee – Mr. Kibby had nothing to report.
    5. Public Works and Facilities Committee – Mr. Garrett said they would be meeting on Wednesday at noon in the Chambers and in addition to the two sewage issues discussed earlier, they would be discussing the draft resolution for debarment of vendors.

    1. Board Liaison Reports

Mayor Egan said the Alaska Committee would be meeting on Wednesday at 7:00 a.m. in the JEDC conference room.

Mr. Koelsch said the ‘99 Transportation grant for the project had been suspended and the no-build scenario from the consultant was supposed to be due at the end of October. The no-build scenario was that if the City does nothing for the next 20 years, what impact would that have on transportation.

  2. Mr. Koelsch asked when the Calhoun overpass would be functional. Mr. Palmer said there was a delay in obtaining materials and those should be received by October 15th. Mr. Koelsch asked for the sum total of the obligations for the rainy day account. He said he got great information from Mr. Duncan on Ketchikan and the PFD accounts and how they go about investing their money. He then asked when the next Assembly goal-setting session would be. Mayor Egan said it would be in November, sometime after the new Assemblymembers were sworn in. Mr. Koelsch wanted everyone to be thinking about it and he wanted a complete report on what was set last year as the Assembly’s goals and where they stood.

    Mr. Perkins thanked Mr. Palmer for sending Mr. Griffin the letter about the old highway bypass and he asked if Mr. Palmer received a follow up on that. Mr. Palmer had not received a response yet and said he would check with Mr. Griffin again. Mr. Perkins then referred to the letter from Mr. Roots, the Congressional lobbyist, and said all of it was history now as the President vetoed that bill. He wondered if items one and two were still valid to the whole issue of what was going on in D.C. or not and he would contact Mr. Palmer to discuss that. Next, he referred to the letter from Mr. Krause with the Baranof with regard to the shuttles. Mr. Palmer said he was proposing a change in the regulations to allow the City to accept applications at any time. There was a window of receiving permits and then for issuing permits. The one outfit with a shuttle license went out of business and the way the ordinance is written, no one could get into the shuttle business except during that small window. He only wants to change the regulation and not touch the ordinance. Mr. Perkins said he finally did receive some information through his daytime job on the complete census count and would give it to Mr. Palmer along with backup and a disk. He offered to be a liaison to the Committee and there was no objection. Mayor Egan added that the census count was very important as it would affect the amount of money the City would receive.

    Ms. Muñoz said with regard to the Assembly’s goal of looking at the trail system and developing designations, commercial and non-commercial, she met with Trail Mix on the issue and they would be forming a working group made up of all of the land owners, the City, state and federal governments and public members. The main hope would be to develop consistent management policies that would share a common vision for all of the trails. The group is interested in using the sub-area concept that was developed in the Parks and Rec Plan. A lot of work has already been done and they hope the process will be as simple and straightforward as possible. She would continue to be involved in the effort and would keep the Assembly informed about the Committee’s progress. She also referred to the letter received from residents of O’Day Drive regarding the skateboard noise and the concert that was performed. The request was that in the future when there are events at the Skateboard Park that generate excessive noise, to please notify the residents. The people she was contacted by were forced to leave their home for the entire day during the concert. Finally, she wanted to recognize Ernie Mueller, Mike Scott, and John Kern for responding so efficiently and quickly to a resident’s request at Mt. View Center to find a safer and more convenient location for the bus stop.

    Ms. Hagevig asked the status on the construction job at the swimming pool. Mr. Palmer said it was done and that they had about two days of cleanup on the tile work to do. Ms. Kiefer noted that it had re-opened a week and a half ago. Ms. Hagevig reminded everyone that the Alaska Municipal League Alaska Conference of Mayors meeting would be November 7-9 in Soldotna. She also announced that October 26th would be the next large public meeting sponsored by the Tourism Advisory Committee for dealing with flightseeing noise.

    Mr. Garrett mentioned the partnership that had been formed was recognized as one of six partnerships in the nation. Last Thursday at the Mendenhall Visitors Center, the Duck Creek Advisory Group was given one of six awards by Coastal America for their 1999 Partnership Award and it was a truly amazing presentation. 31 different organizations in the City and 90 individuals were cited. He found it very heartening to see an incredibly diverse group of people coming together to restore Duck Creek. There have been some great achievements so far and a lot of people deserve the City’s thanks for the work they did.

    Mr. Powell also congratulated those who received certificates and awards at that event. He mentioned that he, Ms. Hagevig, and Mayor Egan attended Southeast Conference. There were 23 resolutions passed and a presentation on economic trends. There was also a panel on cruise ship activity and a lot of other exchanges among neighbors. A summary will be prepared by the Executive Director and would be able to everyone.

    Mr. MacKinnon reiterated to Mr. Palmer that when there is a big amplified event at the Skatepark, the residents of O’Day Drive need to be given notice. Next, he said he had been getting all the correspondence from S&S Development on some of the controversy and conflicts going on with regard to Alloway Avenue. He said he was very disappointed that some City staff was being bullheaded and butting heads with Mr. Snyder; he did not think it had to go that way.

    Mayor Egan said that at the Southeast Conference, Under-Secretary of Agriculture, Jim Lyons, spoke to the group. The Mayors met privately with Mr. Lyons and as a result of those meetings, Mr. Lyons agreed to give the new Regional Forester of Region 10 a better hand in dealing with issues at the regional level. The Southeast Mayors will meet again on January 5th before going to Soldotna to get an update on the financial problems that they will be facing. They will also be discussing how to speak with industry after the vote on Tuesday and to talk further with the Manager of the Marine Highway System, Captain Bob Dahl, regarding an idea he has to increase independent travelers into Southeast Alaska by restructuring the recreational vehicle fees on the ferries depending on which communities they stop in. There was also some discussion on having express ferries that would have only RVs. He said that he has had one request from the Air Force Band to do a Christmas Concert at Centennial Hall which would be open to the public. The Governor’s Office does not have the money so they asked that the Assembly cut a deal on the use of the Hall.

    MOTION - by Garrett, that funds be taken from the Assembly Hosting account to make Centennial Hall available to the Air Force Band for its Christmas Concert.

    Mayor Egan did not know how much that would cost and said he would report back at the next meeting. There being no objection to the motion, it was so ordered.

    Mayor Egan reminded everyone to vote tomorrow.

  4. MOTION – by MacKinnon that after a short break, the Assembly recess into Executive Session to discuss matters that may affect the finances of the CBJ. There being no objection, it was so ordered.

    B R E A K

    E X E C U T I V E S E S S I O N

    8:20 p.m. – 8:45 p.m.

    Mr. Garrett reported that in the Executive Session, the Assembly heard a report from the City Attorney.

    MOTION – by Garrett, with regard to the litigation in the Sagrado case, the Manager and Attorney were directed to proceed as discussed in Executive Session. Also, employees Andrea Keikkala and Mike Williams would have their interests defended by the CBJ in the instance of any litigation against them individually. There being no objection, it was so ordered.

    MOTION – by Garrett, with regard to the Boone case, staff was directed to proceed as discussed in the Executive Session. There being no objection, it was so ordered.

  5. ADJOURNMENT - There being no further business to come before the Assembly, and no objection, the meeting adjourned at 8:48 p.m.


Signed: ________________________________

Marian Miller, Clerk


Signed: ________________________________

Mayor Egan