TO: Mayor and Assembly DATE: November 20, 1995

FROM: David R. Palmer

City and Borough Manager

SUBJECT: Manager's Report - Regular Mtg. No. 95-43

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A. Ordinances for Introduction:

1. Ordinance No. 95-11 (X)

This ordinance will appropriate $148,900 to fund improvements and replacement of water and sewer system components in conjunction with the reconstruction of Judy Lane and Coleman Street.

After this ordinance is adopted, the retained earnings balances will be as follows:

   Fund                            Increase (Decrease)              Balance

Water Retained Earnings ($72,000) $ 165,892

Sewer Retained Earnings ($76,700) $6,447,917

This ordinance will have economic impacts as described in the economic impact note included in your packet.

I recommend that this ordinance be introduced and set for public hearing at the next regular meeting.

2. Ordinance No. 95-11(Y)

This ordinance will appropriate $131,912 to purchase three paratransit vehicles. These funds were received under a grant from the State of Alaska Department of Transportation and Public Facilities. All three of these vehicles will be used in the Care-A-Van Service. Two existing vehicles will be surplussed and one retained as a spare.

This ordinance will have economic impacts as described in the economic impact note included in your packet.

I recommend that this ordinance be introduced and set for public hearing at the next regular meeting.

B. Resolution:

1. Resolution No. 1794

The Department of Community and Regional Affairs is charged with determining the population of each municipality. DCRA's population determination for the City and Borough of Juneau is currently 29,228. However, if a municipality does not agree with DCRA's population figure, a request can be made for an adjustment if supported by an approved method for estimating population.

The Community Development Department has completed a population estimate using a method approved by DCRA. Based upon this report, a copy of which is in your packet, the 1995 population estimate for the City and Borough of Juneau is 29,755. This is the population figure in the resolution and it will be submitted to DCRA to be used for the FY97 state revenue sharing and municipal assistance programs.

I recommend that this resolution be adopted and submitted to the Alaska Department of Community and Regional Affairs.

C. Transfer Request:

1. Transfer No. T-578

The bid for the Airport Terminal carpet replacement project (Contract No. E96-191, on Consent Agenda following this transfer) came in $10,000 above the estimate. To ensure sufficient funding to complete the project, an additional $10,000 needs to be transferred into the Terminal Carpet Replacement project (CIP A345-18).

These funds are available in the Runway Taxiway Intersection (CIP A345-02); this project is complete and ready for close out. Funding for this project consisted of grants from the FAA and DOT/PF; local match was provided by the Airport Enterprise Fund. The excess FAA and DOT/PF budgets are not available for the carpet replacement project, however, $10,000 of Airport Enterprise Funds are available for this transfer.

After this transfer request is approved, project budgets will be as follows:

Project                                     Increase (Decrease)                   Budget

A345-02 Runway Taxiway Intersection ($10,000) $587,650

A345-18 Terminal Carpet Replacement $10,000 $110,000

I recommend that this transfer be approved.

D. Bid Award:

1. Contract No. E96-191: JIA Floor Covering Replacement

Bids were opened on the subject project on November 13, 1995. The bid protest period expired at 4:30pm on Tuesday, November 14, 1995, with no protests. Results of that bid opening are as follows:


Commercial Contractors, Inc. $ 92,780

Superior Builders $112,083

Rainbow Builders, Inc. $122,000

Architect's Estimate $ 83,000

This project consists of removal and replacement of existing floor coverings at the Juneau International Airport. Flooring materials include roll carpet, carpet tile, vinyl composition tile, rubber tile, wood and rubber base. The contractor will have 30 calendar days to complete all work in critical public areas, with the remaining work completed within 60 calendar days after receiving Notice to Proceed.

I recommend award of this project to Commercial Contractors, Inc. in the amount bid, for a total award of $92,780.00.


1. Ordinance No. 95-39

The costs of incarcerating people convicted of violating ordinances can be substantial. Currently they average $60.00 per day if housed at Gastineau Human Services and over $100.00 per day if held in Lemon Creek Correctional Facility. The city and borough can attempt to recover these costs through the sentence imposed by the court. This has been done in some cases, but there is some doubt as to whether it is possible in all cases without an authorizing ordinance. The ordinance now before the Assembly will resolve these doubts.

At this point it is not possible to accurately predict the economic impact of revenue that might be generated by this ordinance: it will depend on resources available from a variety of defendants and the sentencing practices of several judicial officers. We should be in a better position to make an accurate estimate after more experience with a reimbursement program.

I recommend that this ordinance be adopted.

2. Ordinance No. 95-11 (V)

This appropriation will transfer $160,000 from the Water Extension Fund to the White Subdivision for water improvements. The entire project will resurface the road, install a sewer line and relocate electric and telephone service in addition to water improvements. Additional funds for the project will be provided by FY97 Street Sales Tax, a Local Improvement District, and other CBJ funds to be appropriated at a future date. The total project costs are anticipated to be $834,034.

After this ordinance is adopted, the available fund balance in the Water Extension Fund will be $140,385. This ordinance will have economic impacts as indicated in the Economic Impact Note included in your packet.

I recommend that this ordinance be adopted.

3. Ordinance No. 95-11 (W)

This ordinance authorizes the appropriation of $170,000 from the Lands Fund to purchase Lots 41 and 42, S.S.G. Subdivision, located on Commercial Boulevard in Lemon Creek, adjacent to the Public Works Department Utilities Shop. The property will be used for the construction of a street maintenance facility and a household hazardous waste collection center. The purchase price is $165,000. The CBJ Assessor has reviewed the purchase price and determined it is a fair price and representative of the current market. An additional five thousand dollars is necessary to cover closing costs. A more detailed description of the project is included in your packet.

The Public Works and Facilities Committee discussed this appropriation at its meeting October 19, 1995 and recommended approval. The Assembly Lands Committee addressed this issue at its October 25, 1995 meeting and also recommended approval.

Assemblymember MacKinnon has requested the Assembly review the overall project at a meeting of the Committee of the Whole. Once the Assembly Committee of the Whole completes its review, I will prepare and introduce the remaining package of appropriation ordinances to fund the construction of the facilities. The appropriation to purchase the land is preceding the final review of the entire project because of other parties expressing an interest in purchasing the lots. The CBJ needs to secure the property at this time to avoid losing the opportunity.

The Lands Fund has a current balance of $2,114,000. This ordinance will have economic impacts as indicated in the Economic Impact Note attached to the ordinance in your packet.

I recommend that this ordinance be adopted.


1. Ordinance No. 95-11 (T)

At its regular meeting of September 28, 1995, the Docks and Harbors Board voted unanimously to locate the Dockside Restrooms (which were displaced by the Mt. Roberts Tram) to Harris Harbor. That site was selected because Douglas and Statter Harbors already have fixed restrooms within walking distance and relocation to Aurora Basin would be too expensive at this time.

The restrooms were built "in-house" by harbor personnel for $95,000; of that amount, $41,000 was spent on labor, $45,700 was spent on materials, architects, engineering and permits cost an additional $8,000. The Ports and Harbors Board has proposed to use the restroom building to serve another segment of the public. They proposed to add the capacity to recycle oil and antifreeze, to provide benches, and to pave the area. The sewer line needs to be extended to the site, and the site itself needs to be filled and graded. These additional plans makes the project more involved than simply moving the building.

The building became surplus when the property was leased to Mt. Roberts Development. Part of the agreement with MRD provided that the public restrooms be constructed at MRD expense, in effect, replacing the restrooms that CBJ built. This created a surplus building. MRD paid the cost to relocate the building. Since CBJ had no ready site, the building has been stored on CBJ property near the Harbormaster's office. The restrooms were built with Dock Fund money (no taxpayers' money used); the MRD restroom is built with private funds.

Other comparable restroom costs are:

Savikko Park (1995 construction): $164,000

Twin Lakes (1986 bid price): 149,000

corrected to present day: 193,700

(delete the shelter and price is comparable to Savikko Park)

The estimated project cost to install restrooms at Harris Harbor is $100,000, which includes the following components: Bank stabilization - $25,000; sewer line/lift pump - $25,000; foundation/paving - $25,000; building transportation/rehabilitation - $5,000; recycling station - $10,000; contingency - $10,000. Funding for this project would be $50,000 each from the Docks and Harbors Retained Earnings.

This action will have economic impacts as described in the Economic Impact Note attached to the ordinance in your packet.

After this ordinance is adopted, the balance of the Docks Unreserved Retained Earnings will be $598,100, and the balance of the Harbors Unreserved Retained Earnings will be $131,000.

I recommend that this ordinance be adopted.



A. Manager's Report - Action Items:

1. Letter of Nomination - Alaska Coastal Policy Council

The CBJ has been invited to recommend a nominee to represent the Northern Southeast Alaska region on the Alaska Coastal Policy Council. There are nine such regions, and "local members" must be either mayors or council/assembly members and must be nominated by their governing bodies. The Alaska Coastal Policy Council was created in 1978 with passage of the Alaska Coastal Management Act and it oversees the Alaska Coastal Management Program.

Assemblymember Rod Swope has expressed an interest, and after discussing a possible nomination with Mr. Swope, Mayor Egan proposes to nominate him.

All letters of nomination must be received by Ms. Mayer's office no later than November 22, 1995. Mayor Egan recommends the nomination of Rod Swope for the Northern Southeast representative of the Alaska Coastal Policy Council. Pending Assembly approval, a letter (included in your red folder), has been prepared to be sent out to meet the November 22nd deadline.

1. Thunder Mountain Land Sale

Tom Fallis, owner of the Thunder Mountain mobile home park has expressed an interest in purchasing city land adjacent to his trailer park in order to allow for expansion of the park. The property to be acquired is part of a large city parcel (fraction of Lot 2, U.S. Survey 5504) located at the base of Thunder Mountain.

Much of the city parcel is not suitable for development because of wetlands and avalanche paths. Mr. Fallis has worked with the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers to identify the location of wetlands in that area. His current proposal entails the purchase of a five-acre wedge of land which lies east of his property and west of the Jordan Creek wetlands and Thunder Mountain avalanche paths.

The negotiated sale of land to Mr. Fallis is consistent with the recommendations of the recently-adopted Land Management Plan. The plan recognized that there are no available trailer spaces in Juneau this time; the expansion of Mr. Fallis' trailer park would provide an opportunity for increasing lower-cost housing in the community.

The city parcel is not well suited for development by someone other than the owner of the trailer park. Limited access to the city property poses obstacles to opening up the property to competitive bidding. No developed access to the property currently exists. Access to the site would likely occur by extending Trafalgar Avenue through the Tlingit-Haida Regional Housing Authority's (THRHA) subdivision. This would route additional traffic onto Trafalgar Avenue and Threadneedle Street, neighborhoods already sensitive to increases in traffic resulting from the THRHA subdivision.

Attached correspondence identifies the steps that will be necessary to complete a negotiated sale to Mr. Fallis. Note that the city property needs to be rezoned if it is to be used for a trailer park. Proposed revisions to the Comprehensive Plan reference the potential rezone to accommodate trailer park use.

The Assembly Lands Committee reviewed this proposed sale at its meeting November 8, 1995; the committee recommended the Assembly by motion authorize staff to negotiate a land sale to Tom Fallis. The terms of the sale will be brought to the Planning Commission and Assembly for review and approval.

I recommend that the Assembly authorize staff to enter into negotiations with Tom Fallis for a land sale.

B. Manager's Report - Information Items:

C. Attorney's Report:


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